Oct 23, 2020

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Heavenly Father,


Your Son taught us to call You Our Father! Lord, we are never alone before You we are always here as a Family! Yes, everyone that is with us on this call and even in the spirit: we are all brothers and sisters together for we are one in the spirit because of our Faith in Yeshuah/Jesus! He has washed us clean of all sin and iniquity by His Sacred Blood! We have nothing to fear for You are our Buckler and our shield not matter how big or how many enemy we face! Your Son has defeated our foe already and we are here to do as He did and more besides! Lord we are here to take the offensive in our battle to spread Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, during the days when America is voting for our leadership through the ones You have anointed for such a time as this. We prophetically say that Your Perfect Will be done in this election that we will see all You have anointed for this time will be victorious. We stand without doubt that we will see such a landslide victory that there will be no doubt or arguments or law suits that can in anyway over turn or question the results of this election. Those who have plots and schemes let them be revealed now so that the American people will vote wisely and surely and those who are set for this new era of Victory will continue and we will see November 3rd a s historic day when all of our efforts in prayer and acts of Faith will be fulfilled and Your anointed will lead us as You have planned!

Father, we pray in thanksgiving for all that You are bringing to pass in our day! Lord we are so grateful for what You Son has done in making us a new creation and having been restored to alk in fullness of life, life in abundance! We are here to see the world with new eyesight and to see the world as Your Son see us redeemed to walk together in harmony with proper respect for one another that we again appreciate each other as male and female You created us in Your Own Image! Lord, that we are here to say children matter and the womb is be the sacred place You created it to be from the beginning. That we will see here in our land the overturn of Roe v. Wade as has been prophecised!! That we will see a balance of unconditional love between man and woman, that as the crown of Your Creation we will increase and multiply and reveal Your heart to one another and all who are searching for tru love in their life no matter what age of condition they endure in life! Lord You have created us from the earth and filled us with Your Spirit so now we rejoice even more because we have come alive in the spirit because of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus! Father we marvel at Your Creating us and that You know us so intimately even from the time that Your formed us in our mother’s womb! You have even Promised that You will never leave us nor forsake us! O Lord we glorify You and are so grateful for bringing us to be in such a time as this!

Father, because of Yeshuah/Jesus we are confident that You hear our prayers and You know our hearts that we are here to do Your Perfect Will as it is in heaven. Father, even though we live in a broken world and the spirits of evil roam about the earth we bind them in the Name of Jesus that the spirit of murder, jealousy, lust and hate so that we protect our children and those we cherish to live free from fear and all the blocks of the evil one so that loyalty and harmony will be ours now and forever!

Father, send Your Holy Spirit to influence parents all who are called to teach and instruct our children in Your Torah/Law of Life. That more and more parents will home school their children in the ways of righteousness and that parents will not be fearful for there are ways to help them as we have

resources to use. Thank You, Father for those You have anointed to show the way and be a light to their feet in the way they can teach! Father bless all those who show the way and bring into focus all that we can do! Lord, we are so grateful that there is a turn around happening now to stop indoctrination of hating America to bringing our children to appreciate the freed om we have in our heritage and in our land now! Father, this is such a sacred time we are grateful that You have chosen us to be Your Family in the Kingdom You ave given us now and forever! Amen!

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