Aug 13, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We rejoice in Your Presence and come with humble hearts to worship You and give You praise!

For glorious is Your Majesty and You are our source of Life and all the blessing we have are given from Your Hand!  We are so grateful to shout Your Praises with the Holy Angels that are around Your Throne.  From your Heavenly Court release Your Angels to surround us in this day’s battle to continue to spread Your Kingdom throughout the USA and around the world with our brothers and sisters of other nations like England, Canada and others who have joined Your Strike Force of Prayer. 

We are so grateful for Your Protection and that You shield us from the enemy’s radar and secret plots to destroy us from within and without.  You Lord have separated us to mold us in the Image of Your Son, Jesus, and have place in our hands the weapons to defeat the enemy in all his advances.  We are confident for Your Son has assured us that He has overcome the world and we are one with You in the Spirit of Love in our midst!

Father, we are grateful for the special anointing on us in this day that the spirit of David, the Warrior King is upon us and we are ready to continue to let Justice reign in our day.  We are grateful to have and anointed leader in President Trump, who like the Lion of Judah roars and the nations tremble and those who are in darkness and a part of the deep state or any other gathering like the Illuminati and other Luciferian hordes are now in the sights of our weapons to be brought down and the gates of hell will not prevail in our day! 

Lord we seek continued protection and strengthening of all those righteous men and women who are anointed to lead us that they will continue to focus on Justice.  We know Lord, that when President Trump stays focus on Justice, he becomes even stronger to fulfill the plans You have for us to once again be a nation that has Jesus the Christ as our Lord and King.

Lord we seek a continue awakening of the people of this nation to stop the growth of the isms that deceive us and make us captives instead of free!  Lord we come against all those who side with socialism, communism and any radicalism like that promoted though Saul Alinsky. 

May those who profess this and use this to push that dark agenda fall on their own sword and be brought to Justice and loose any recognition or positions of leadership they have stolen or have used the bribe to acquire.  Lord, enough of this and continue to make us aware of those You have anointed to rise up into leadership from the White House to every house of worship and into the very areas in which we each live.

Father, we are grateful for those whom President Trump has chosen to be at his side that are doing the work of Justice.  Protect Attorney General Barr, those who are now using authority to crack down on our immigration issues.  Making right decisions to separate those who are truly here to become American and those who are just plants to destroy our American way of life! 

Father even expose the churches that are just using the refugee program to gain money and prestige to look like they are doing a great work when they are only wolves in sheep clothing.  Lord there are too many who twist the Word of the Scriptures to make them sound like they are of Your Son but are really empty suits of darkness!  May the convicting power of Your Holy Spirit expose sin and wipe out that which is not of You!  Lord we want You to reign and rule here in America as You have originally planned for us!

Lord, there are many areas of the world that need our prayerful intercession like with China and the people who suffer persecution for Faith in Jesus the Christ.  Lord we intercede that Holy Spirit continue to blow the winds of change everywhere across the hearts of man so that we will see even more of Your rescue Mission in our day for the Harvest has begun.  We are grateful You are using us now for such a time as this!  Of course, You get all the Glory and Praise for we know it You O Lord who makes it happen no matter what comes before You.

Lord, we are not afraid for we know You are with us now and into the future! It is such a comfort to know You have purchased us at a great price by the Blood of Your Son and You see us as Your children and You are our Loving Father.  We rejoice in Jesus! Amen! 

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