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Heavenly Father,

We humbly come before You seeking Your Face and we say to You: “where ever You go I will go.”  Thank You for Your Loving Kindness that You expressed so clearly through Your Son, Yeshua.  Lord, as we enter this time with You. Shield us from any attack or distraction from the enemy!  Keep us off the radar of the enemy!  Let any of his plans fall back on him and those who follow him in the darkness!  Release boldness of Faith and loyalty to You in us to stand firm as warriors in Your victorious Army.  Let the darts and arrows of the enemy fall short of their target!  Let our prayers pierce the darkness and spread Your Kingdom of Light over the whole earth!

Lord, today we focus on our need for discernment in our choices as we look over the battle field for strong in the Faith men and women who will lead us!  Lord, teach us to see the character of potential leaders.  To see those who are capable, God fearing and honest people.  Lord, we are not looking for perfection, but those who recognize their weakness, but know that with You all things are possible.  We want those who will truly represent us in our government.  Those who will work for us and who will change laws and create laws that will be according Your Law of Life!

We praise and thank You, Father, for the Gift of the Holy Spirit who leads and guides us into all Truth.  We know when we listen to Him we make the right choices. He will place before us the right men and women that we will support, pray and vote for.  We know these times it is crucial to our future and so we know with our best Friend, the Holy Spirit we will choose rightly.

Father, we thank You for the anointing that falls on each one of us as we stand armed and prepared to engage the enemy and to strike down the strongholds of iniquity in government and even in our assemblies of worship.  Lord, expose all deception, deceit and lies that have bound us and fooled us and taken our power from us!  Now, Lord, we are here to take back what has been stolen and lost and to take back and extend Your reign over more and more of our nation!

Father, we seek a special anointing of Wisdom on President Trump as he appoints judges and other officials in our government.  We accept what Your prophet, Mark Taylor has said, that there will be a radical change in our Supreme Court.  It is long over due!  We pray that those being taken down will be exposed to what they have done and reap the rewards of their wicked labor!  Praise You, Lord as it is happening even now as we pray.  We know it takes time, but Your Holy Spirit is blowing across the nation and the right choices are being made and done right now!  It is all to give You Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving!  Alleluia!

Now Father continue to listen the intercession of my brothers and sisters, Warriors of Your Army as they  now continue this sacred time with You.


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