Aug 17, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Surround us with Your Strong Arm today as we gather as Your Warriors to hear Your Battle Plans for us today.  O Lord make sure the enemy’s radar and listening is muted and jammed with his own devices he plans to use against us.  May we have complete access to proper communication with no interference either electronically or anyone who is an enemy in the camp.  That the camp of the enemy be filled with chaos and confusion!  May they all tremble at the very name of Yeshua as we invoke Him as our Savior and Lord and they know that He is here in our midst as You have promised!  May all their distractions and allurements be stopped at the door of this assembly as we are anointed as Your people to be one in Spirit and Truth!!

Thank You, Lord for releasing Your Warrior Angels as our shield of Protection and bring to us the support we need to boldly proclaim Your Name and to engage the enemy to drive him back in their attempt to destroy America and that we will gain back all that has been lost or stolen in Yeshua’s Name!

Father today we want to root out all connections to the spirit of grumbling and complaining in our own lives and the lives of all those around us.  Forgive us for the times that we have moaned and been impatient  with You to fulfill Your Promises.  Lord, we seek to be calm even in the midst of the storm around us. Lord that we may realize You have supplied us with every thing we need through Your Son, Yeshua for no weapon formed against us can stop or conquer us.  Lord there are even times we have complained or grumbled that things don’t happen fast enough or delayed because we are impatient with Your timing and yet we know that You have always been on time and we know Your Guiding Hands  have brought forth circumstances, people, places and things that will surely bring us favor for all things work for good for those who love and serve You!  Especially we are Your Army for such a time as this!  Praise Your Holy Name.

Father, we stand against all those who have grumbled and complained  and resisted the fact of the anointing You have placed on President Trump, and other ordained leaders for our time here in America or in Israel or other nations who are aligned in Your Movement for us to be apart of the harvest of souls You are preparing to bring into the Kingdom!

Father we intercede for all those who are blind in our midst who to this day groan and complain of things not changing fast enough or that it is not done the way they think it should be handled.  Just like the children of Israel of old that complained even of Your Miracle of manna and quail to feed them in the desert or when you gave them water from the rock.  How foolish to not recognize Your Hand in all these miracles even in our day when You have brought us back from the brink of death to our nation.  Lord we are aligned with Your Plan for us and we know You are a Perfect Father who takes care of His children with Your Precious gifts that last for a lifetime and You are making our lives to conform to the image of Your Son, Yeshua!

Father, today we want to especially intercede for all law enforcement members, those who are ICE and firemen, border patrol our National Guard, our Coast Guard our military and all those who put their lives in harm’s way that we may live in peace and security in our borders.  Give them all that they need to protect America from all of our enemies both foreign and domestic especially terrorists who hate our Lord Jesus and those who would bring harm to Israel and her people and other nations who are in their own struggle to live in peace and harmony.  Lord we give You thanks and praise for all of these and place them in Your Hands that they too may be protected and be safe with their own family.

Thank You, Father as we pray in Yeshua’s Name Amen!

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