Aug 12, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We are here as Your Army of Warriors ready to intercede with Your Power & Might to bring down the strongholds of the enemy where ever we may find them in our land and in ourselves.  Today Father we especially want to focus on the spirit of prejudice both in our ranks and throughout our nation.  To root it out and break its hold on us as Your people!

First of all, Father we seek Your Protection from any of the enemy’s plots to stop us or interfere with our time with You!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble his lines of communication and bring confusion into his camp. Keep our lines of communication open, Lord without any technical difficulties.  Keep us free of confusion and fear.  That this sacred time of Unity be pleasing to You, Father. Use us to do Your Will in our land and bring forth even new plans You have for us so that we can engage the enemy with the full force of Your Might and Power so that that which is lost is regained and more besides.  Father protect us from any counter attacks of the enemy.  Let us become more mindful of who we are in Yeshua, our Savior and Lord. We give You all the Glory & honor and praise for it is not for our will but Yours and not us to be made manifest but You!  Your will be done one earth as it is in heaven.  Send forth Your Spirit and create in us the Image of Your Son so that all the world will see Your Love!  Make our house  and all houses, especially  the White House sacred places of prayer and Your Presence! Keep us sealed in the Holy Spirit and armed with all the means You have given us to win and destroy the plots of the enemy.

Father, we start our intercession first of all to rid ourselves of prejudice, especially if there is any in our blood line or in our generational line before us.  We bind any prejudice in our lives and we declare ourselves free of this sin and we are free to serve You in our brothers and sisters in the Truth that sets us free!

Father, our land is filled with prejudice from generations of the past and even to this present moment! We bind all of those who have spread this prejudice through words and actions from slavery to hatred among races, color and creeds. We bind those now who preach and teach this terrible line of separation in our nation from leaders of the past to those now who are looked up to as so called great people to look to for role models when they are nothing more than shams of deceit and hatred. Father, we declare we are land free of prejudice so that people can come here to honestly and according to our laws to live and become citizens who will live in righteousness and peace as Americans under God with liberty and justice for all!

Father, as Your Son, Yeshua showed us we are to be one and as You and Him are one, so that you may be one in us!  Make our land one in You and that we will walk in Faith and profess that Jesus Christ is Lord and the only way to You, Father.  Thank You, Father for breaking down our barriers so that we will be one as a nation under Your Kingdom Reign

Thank You Father for sending us Your Son, Yeshua to bring us forgiveness as we repent of all that binds us and holds us back from living the abundant life You want us to live in here on earth.  Thank You for the conviction that is in our hearts to repent and to walk in Your Righteousness.  We know we are covered by Your Blood so that we strike down prejudice in all its forms through out our Churches and our government.  Thank You, Father for giving us new leadership through such men and women as Our President , his wife Melania and so many others standing in their rightful place to lead us.

Thank You, Father for releasing us from the terrible separation through prejudice and making us one nation now under Your Reign!  In Yeshua’s name we pray! Amen.


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