Jun 4, 2019

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Heavenly Father,    

We come to You to pledge our obedience to Your Commands and to follow Your Plans for us as we face the enemy in our lives and in the life of our nation.  We are confident because We know You will never leave us or forsake us.  You are not like a fallen man who lies and betrays his companions.  You are faithful and true in Your Covenant with us.  We are truly grateful that You have chosen us as Your Army in this day and that You are in our midst at this very moment!   Father we rely on You for our complete protection and blessings as the battle rages on.  We know with a Hope no one can destroy that all will be victorious and all that we seek according to Your Will will be granted to us. Alleluia!

Father continue to keep us off the enemy’s radar and assure that any of his deceptive plans will be stopped.   That Your Will be done here in our land and that we will see the enemy fall and brought to his knees before the cross of Jesus Christ and face the punishment they deserve for no repentance and choosing to follow satan and his ways.  Lord, we know that this is a time of separation of the wheat from the chaff and those who are with You are the only ones to be aligned with.   We as Your Army are fully armed in Obedience to You and are marching under the Banner of the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah!

Father with repentance we seek forgiveness for the sins of this nation from our past in the treatment of the Native Americans.  Our history is tainted with the blood of others and we are here to make recompense for the past by treating others with the love and respect that Your Son has treated us.  Lord that we can see one another not by our physical eyes which sees color of skin and other characteristics that are different from ours, but to see as You see us through the Blood of Your Son.  That there is no difference now because of our Faith in Christ that we can walk with each other’s differences in such a way that we are one people here in America.  That we are a nation of the Kingdom and we worship You the true God and no other no matter what anyone else says, no matter what title or authority they claim!  We are Yours, Lord and no other’s!

Father, we seek a stop to the delay that is placed on the farmers in our land by the weather to hinder them from being able to plant their crops.  Lord, we see the plans of the enemy attacking Your people because of the stand for righteousness and truth.  That states are beginning to stop the flow of blood and sacrifice of the unborn that feeds the god Baal.  Thank You, God that You have raised up those who are taking a true stand for Life not only in word but also in action.  We are grateful for it is truly the start of overturning Roe vs. Wade.  Bless these states and their people who are standing for righteousness and truth!

Father during this time we want to see our Judicial system be based again on Your Laws and the Constitution and the laws that are in line with the Truth of Justice for all and let Your people be free to follow the ways of Yeshuah, Your Son and our Redeemer.  Father, we seek protection for all the judges that President Trump has appointed Federally, but also for the judges in other jurisdictions who are truly deciding according to the rule of law and the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit to make America what You have planned for us from the beginning! 

That we will be mindful of our proper role as We the People not be afraid to pray and voice the Truth and put into action our true beliefs. Lord, we are not to run away from politics or government.  We are here in a gifted land to be a part of how we are governed and who will represent us.  Lord, help us recognize the authority You have given us to come against the enemy in any form and pursue Justice for all who are here to live as Americans and our true way of Life!  Thank You, Father for the gift of America and help us to share Your Blessings with any nation that is our friend and brother in the Kingdom of God and that You have destined for us to walk together to conquer the enemy and live free!  In Yeshuah’s name we pray! Amen.

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