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We come in humility as Warriors in Your Kingdom Army!  We pledge to You are Love/loyalty to be obedient Servants of Your Will and Word!  Forgive us of our disobedient past and anything we are doing now that makes us disloyal to You?

Father, let Your Protection rule over us during our prayer time with You!  That we may be off the radar of the enemy. That this sacred time that we are together in Your Presence, that the enemy will not hear or see or understand our communication with You!  Thank You, Father for Your hedge of protection around each of us!

Father, we know Obedience is key in following Your Commands.  In Obedience, we say we listen to Your Word and fulfill what You tell us what our assignment is for this hour!  In obedience, we are victorious in every battle we are in on a personal or family or community or state or federal level!  Your Word is our motto, our banner and orders we stand on!

Father there are many areas that we need to correct because of our past disobedience.  When we obey You fill us with blessings, protection and prosperity for our families and future generations!  Disobedience and rebellion bring us punishment, judgement in the forms of disease, plagues, poverty, famine, slavery and defeat at the hands of our enemies.  So, Father, we are repentant before You of our disobedience. We declare and decree We are Your Obedient Servants and we intercede for our nation to again be obedient to Your Word and  we speak your Word into every phase of our lives as a nation under your Command, a land of the free and the home of the brave as witnesses to how the Kingdom reigns over us in Victory!

Father as Your covenant children walking in obedience to Your commands we are blessed and we are blessing to one another!  Father, you have told us to be a blessing to others as we now share our blessing with our brothers and sisters in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other parts of our country!  We offer our tithes and offerings to those who are in need and have lost so much!  We know our sharing with obedient hearts is a sign of Obedience to your command for our brothers and sisters to see Your Love through us!  Bless Coach Dave Daubenmire and his boots on the ground and the others who are obediently obeying Your Commands…as the Army of the Kingdom

Your Son because of His Obedience has removed the curse from us.  He is our true Hero and example of being an obedient servant to even giving up His last breath to save us.  We look to Him, Father as our image and model of obedient service to You.  May every step we take and everything we do be a sign of how much You love us to all those who are blind or deaf to the Truth of the Good News

that Your Son has fulfilled for us from the Cross, to the grave, to the Glory of the Resurrection!  Thank You! Father for this great and everlasting Gift!

As it says in Your Word: whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord and He will repay him for his deed. (Prov. 19/17) Consider this Lord when You look upon Your people in America who have been obedient in giving, caring and rendering assistance to the poor and needy!  Fulfill us Lord with your continuous blessing and let us see victory over the enemy as we are free in Jesus. Amen!

I say over all who are gathered together in obedience in this hour: A blessing of Divine Health. Divine Wisdom, Divine Protection, Divine Prosperity be in you and through you and around you in Jesus Name!  Amen!


Obedience brings blessings

Disobedience brings the curse!

Being Obedient to our Commander in Chief

obedience brings victory

we are told to take ground and hold it to bring victory

Obedience means listening to the commands in order to fulfill them!

Obedience unites an army

a form of discipline to make us one

Jesus was perfect in obeying the Father’s Will and brings abundant life

Your Will not mine Obedience gives us a proper perspective of our goals!

Obedience has to comes from our heart: true love is really loyalty!

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