Jan 17, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

​We call out to You in praise, and worship because by the Blood of Your Son, we are made new in Your Holy Family!  With the Blood of Jesus covering us we are made holy and all sin is washed away from us.   Father, we know that with one drop of His Blood every sickness, disease or evil plan is washed away!  We are so grateful for this glorious gift to make us worthy and live in a time of waiting for the fulfillment of all that You have Promised us.  His sacrifice is the only sacrifice we need and all other efforts to get close to You can only be done through Jesus the Christ for there is no other way, no matter who says there are many ways to You.  Jesus the Christ is the only way!  Anyone who teaches or preaches differently than that we reject and say they are fools and do not truly know You!

Lord, in this moment ad leader of this group we call the Strike Force of Prayer we are here under the banner of the Blood of Your Son,  Jesus the Christ!  We proudly stand together in the spirit and in truth to worship You and here to follow Your Commands!  Bless and cover each member of this loyal band of brothers and sisters to be one one heart and mind to Hear Your Voice and follow You into the battle You set before us.  We are confident that You hear our hearts as we make them one with Yours!  What You want is what we want and are willing to do the part You have given us to spread Your Kingdom in our land and to make America a nation whose only God is You!  We have heard the voice of the prophets telling us of Your Plans and so we are here to pray them through and act in Faith to fulfill our part!

Father in this hour of such mockery and disrespect for our President and what he represents to us we speak to those who have evil intent: We do support our President because You have anointed him for such a time as this!  May those who are so caught up in impeachment find a dryness in their mouth that they will no longer have a voice to be heard and that America will rise up to put an end to this sham!  Enough of this coverage by the media let it fall on deaf ears and let its financial structure fall apart so that those who do reveal the truth will even have more of an influence and be given the means to take over air waves and communication systems.  Let freedom ring and let the Hammer of Justice fall so that we will be that shining Light on the Hill and we will walk in the beautiful heritage of Faith that has been passed on to us and we too can pass it on to the generations to follow us!

Father, continue to give boldness of Faith for those who are speaking out against injustice and lack of true respect for law and order and especially for the inalienable rights we were founded upon in the documents that speak the truth that we are a Christian nation, that we are free to worship you with out fear and no one is to make us follow one certain religious group over another.  Father, we want only to be in Unity under Jesus the Christ who has redeemed us by His Blood and as He has taught us to deny our selfish ways, take up our cross and follow Him!  Father, that our vision will be corrected to see one another as worthy of Your Love and to do as Jesus told us heal the sick, comfort the sorrowing,

open the eyes of the blind and to set the captives free.   We are at the door way to do and see more of what He said we could do and we have the authority to bring it to pass now!

Father we are here to intercede for all those who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes  that they did not commit!  That our Justice system will make right those false judgments and accusations that have cost people their lives and sacred honor.  Lord we are to live under law that says you are innocent until proven guilty but with honest and clear proof, not allegations or falsehoods.  Lord You endured that false trial against Your innocence but because of Your Sacrifice of Your Blood we can now live in righteousness.  That we are no longer blind that we can see more clearly because of the gift of the Holy Spirit to make us discern right from wrong.  The Holy Spirit gives us Light to see in the darkness of the evil intent of those who have chosen death over life and darkness over Light.  Lord continue to pierce the darkness with Light and give us boldness to speak the truth and move forward in spreading the Kingdom and saving those who are lost and are hungry to know of Your Loving Kindness!  Lord we are here to do our part in Your Harvest and so see Your plans fulfilled here in America and globally a Golden Light of Reformation all because of your Glory!  Amen Alleluia!

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