Mar 14, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

As Your Army of Prayer Warriors we kneel before You seeking Your orders for this day of battle.  Shield us from the enemy that he will not be aware of the new strategies You give us.  Block his radar and other means of interference with our time with You! Let confusion, unrest, chaos and other  forms of disturbance stay in the enemy’s camp and may they not be able to rise up any kind of resistance to the Law and Order that You are bringing to America through President Trump and all those righteous men and women who are bringing Justice to America!

Father, just as You entered the Tabernacle of old with Your Glory Cloud may we experience it now in our own lives in our personal temples as well as in the Temple of America!  Lord we stand in unity to drive out all the defilement that has entered America from false worship and idols of false god.  You, Lord cannot stand to be near sin and so we are here washed clean by the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah, to stand guard over the entrance to our Temple of America.  Lord, we proclaim Build the Wall and stop the enemy from entering at any gate.  We say allow the vetting to be strong so that those who enter will truly honor and respect America and it Laws and Constitution! Thank You, Lord for those who truly stand with President Trump to make America safe and truly a land for those who seek Liberty and Justice for all.

Lord, today we bring special requests for other nations that are in a similar struggle as we are to make our nation under the Kingdom of God.  We pray for the nation of Israel to have elections that are not fraudulent in any way and that they choose those You have anointed for such a time as this to Keep Israel free and independent!  Also Lord, we lift up to You the nation of Venezuela and the struggle of their people who have no proper food or even clean water to drink.  Lord, we intercede for them that righteousness will rule the land and that honest and trustworthy leaders will rise up and protect its citizens and care for the needs of the people.  Lord, we know what You are doing here in America, is only the beginning of what You have in store for all the earth!  Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Lord, keep us focused on bringing the battle to the enemy in all of his evil plots to destroy America and put the world under the domain of Satan.  Lord as we become more aware of the deception and fraud in our elections make us new again to take down all the voting machines and those controlling  the counting falsely be caught and brought to Justice so that we can be a land who chooses rightly those who are to oversee us in our government.  Lord bring to Justice all those who have enslaving us for all these years and that have taken away hope from those struggling to live rightly.  Now Lord, let the transition of wealth begin to those who are truly walking in righteousness.  May we see even the debt be blown away by Your amazing miraculous change that we I take place in our land and across the globe!

Lord, as the temple of America becomes more cleansed from the fraud and deception of our enemies both here in our land and around the world let Your Glory fall on us  so we see Your Manifest Presence in one another and all those who are truly Your Disciples.  We are so grateful Lord that You want to dwell with us!  We proclaim and decree we make a place for You and You come!

Lord, we are confident with Hop that we do not have to drift aimlessly upon a storm tossed sea and any trials or tribulations alone that You have given us the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us and to be with us forever!  Lord that You are with us we do have a winning team and we will see more of Your miraculous ways unfold before us.  Thank You, ABBA/DADDY GOD!  We are free in our messiah, Yeshuah and live in unity through Your Holy Spirit.  Amen!

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