Apr 3, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You with a humble, contrite heart seeking Your Guidance in fulfilling our calling as Your Army to take back what has been lost or stolen and to move forward to conquer new territory to continue to establish Your Kingdom here in America and other parts of the world.  All to happen until Your Son, Yeshua returns!

We trust in Your Protection of Your people gathered here and those united with us in Spirit.  We seek that You would keep us off the enemy’s radar by Your outstretched Arm.  And that the enemy’s camp be filled with confusion and lack of understanding or perception of Your War Plans for us. Deafen the ears of those who plot and plan evil against us!  Keep us moving forward under the shadow of Your Wings so that nothing will be revealed to the enemy and they will be completely blind sighted by the tactics You have given us in our 30 days of silent planning that You have revealed in our hearts for the war we are aging so that the loser now will be the victor in these changing times!

Father we are grateful that You have given us a strong leader in President Trump and all those he has chosen on his team of leadership during his time in office.  We seek protection for him and that of his family and all those aligned with him as they push forward the sacred Agenda You are fulfilling in America in our time!

Lord, we seek from the Holy Spirit the guidance and Revelation that is needed to appoint judges and other officers of the court system here in the United States of America.  That our President choose the right men and women who will fill these positions in accordance with the Plan from the beginning our government’s establishment as a representative republic as shown in our Constitution and the Word of God in  the Scriptures.

Lord we bind in the authority given us by Yeshua, all those who are blocking or interfering with the Senatorial approval be exposed, deposed and brought to justice.  That in this year of elections that the corrupt be voted out and be replaced by righteous men and women that You have raised up for such a time as this.

Father, we also seek that the laws of this land that have wrongly been handed to us by the judiciary be revoked and overturned by strong leaders who will even impeach those on the Supreme Court or other federal courts who handed down decisions that are not in accord with the proper rendering of the Constitution such as Roe v. Wade, homosexual marriage other such abominations to Your Word which gives us Life and Life in abundance.

Lord bless all those who are running for office under Your Banner, that they have sufficient backing financially and any other means of support they need.  Lord, give us boldness as Your Army to spread the message about these candidates and pray that they receive enough vote for victory without the influence of voter fraud or any other evil plan.

Lord that the innocent, the widow, the orphan and all families and marriages be treated justly and with compassion through our judicial system.  Expose those judges and officers of the court who have take bribes or done evil in any way be brought to Justice.

Lord that those who have wrongfully been convicted or incarcerated even though innocent be released and restored to their rightful positions as citizens of the United States.  That they and their families receive true recompense for any injustice brought against them.  That Justice be the true rule of our Judicial System.

Again we say thank You Lord for giving us President Trump and all those in offices of leadership for doing the right thing and returning America to its proper role in the Kingdom of God and giving Hope again for a bright and conquering future!  We ask this in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!

Bless those now who will continue our prayers and intercession as Your Holy Spirit uses them to call out to You, O Lord! Amen. (Karen, Maria, Bonnie, Cj)


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