Apr 1, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You washed and atoned by the Blood of Yeshua/Jesus Your Son and our Messiah, whom You promised and gave to us!  We are so grateful to be called Your Family now!  We offer our hearts to You that we may be one with Your heart!  We know You hear us for so many of our prayers are being answered in our day.  We are so thankful that You want to dwell among us and have us to return to what it was like in the beginning to walk with You in the cool of the evening as You did in the beginning and now because of Yeshuah/Jesus it is so and we will see it fulfilled into eternity!

Father, today we come to You to speak prophetically in prayer over our nation and our people.  You have said what You will do You reveal to Your prophets, so Lord we stand on that prophetic word being spoke in our day.  First of all You have said that this virus would Passover us as we approach and celebrate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Your Son.  That through His Blood Sacrifice we have all we need to be protected from any sickness, disease or attacks of the enemy.  So we stand on that Word that what Your Son has doen for us will happen!  This virus will Passover us during this sacred time of remembrance of Your Faithfulness to Your People, yes Your children of Israel and we who have been grafted into the Tree of Life by Faith in Yeshuah/Jesus the Messiah!

We speak prophetically over President Trump that he will be protected from any attempts to remove him from office whether it be physical attempts like an assassination or any political movements by anyone in public office, or through the media of fake news.  That it be exposed, silenced and face proper Justice and punishment for such treasonous and evil plots.  That You have given us President Trump and we as a nation are grateful and stand by him now and into his re-election!  That we agree with Your prophetic Word, he is here for such a time as this and he will continue to lead us into a golden age of reform and return to what America is in Your Perfect Will for us!

We speak prophetically over all those who are giving him false information or misleading him in any way that they be silenced immediately and be exposed so they can be dismissed and removed from this sacred trust as advisors and those who are truly righteous will be there to support President Trump with Wisdom from the Holy Spirit.  That president Trump will be able to speak freely and openly to lead us on the right path that the Holy Spirit is that guiding light.  May we, Your People, in our assemblies of worship and prayer use our voices to speak up and reveal the Truth! To led by Faith and not fear that we walk in Love to serve one another just Jesus has taught us!

We decree that the spirit of Jezebel be crushed in the halls of our leaders in Washington DC. That we arise in the spirit of Elijah to crush the false prophets of doom and gloom and that even if there be moments of hardship even financially that we trust in You, O Lord and that will You be with us as go through it and that we know Your Plans for us are for good and the betterment of our nation. We trust You, Father!  Open the eyes of our people in this nation to see how You are working through President Trump to make us a Kingdom naton where You are worshiped in spirit and truth!

Father this is the United States of America, so we call out to You that each of our states will be in accord with Your plan that those who are leaders in each state will follow in unity with our President Trump.  That any spirit of division, mutiny or cause of confusion and chaos be stopped now that we be one in Your Perfect Will for us as a nation!  That we the People of America walk in unity and in Liberty and justice for all!

Father,  we want to speak with careful words all that we say to one another, that we be used to build up and encourage those who fell weak or discouraged or confused.  That the Holy Spirit fill us the words to speak and that we filled with compassion to serve and be generous in sharing our blessings with one another and those who are poor, especially the widow and the orphan and all who have suffered from every form of abuse.   That pour hearts lead us to do what we are called to do to heal the brokenhearted, heal the sick and set the captives free.  Use us Lord to fulfill Your Will on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, in this hour in the Name of Yeshua/Jesus we come against and call forth the end of all blood sacrifice of children to make adrenachrome.  Tear down all the altars of sacrifice now!  Whether it be through abortion, statanic rituals or other evil practices.  Lord may those who have anything to do with this wikced practice be exposed and brought o swift Justice.  For the blood of the innocent cry out to You and we weep with You for those who have suffered and been brutally murdered that now end is brought to it all!  May our hearts filled with repentance bring forth life, light and love in the name of your Son, Jesus the Christ! Amen!     

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