Dec 26, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

          As we start this time with You put Your Shield of Protection over us! Protect us from the enemy that we are not on his radar.  Silence his mumbling, rumbling and interference so that we may fully and completely give You the Glory, Honor and Praise You deserve.  Keep confusion, restlessness, and anxiety and distractions in the enemy’s camp,  Let chaos and destruction be far from us and remain in the enemy’s camp.  That we will have Peace and Tranquility rule over our gathering in this hour so that we are one in the spirit and in truth.   We know that Your Promises are true and real that You will never leave us or forsake us and even if our parents forsake us, You will never do it for we are in the Palm of Your Hand.  Thank You Father for the Love poured out on us!

          Today on this earth this day is celebrated to remember the Birth of Our Savior, Your Son, Yeshua the Christ.  People all over the world celebrate this in some form and practices that many may not agree with, it is still a day that we are more conscious of what You have done for uw through  the Messiah.  Lord use this day to put more Peace and Joy into the hearts of men around the world.  Yes, Lord we know it is not the actual date of birth, but what is significant Lord is that there is more expression making people aware of Jesus the Christ and that His Salvation is offered to all!  Lord, use this celebration to draw us closer to You especially here in America that our character is reflecting the Life of Your Son, Yeshua.  Lord, that we will reflect His Character in us by the way we serve one another and especially service to the widow, the orphan and those who are most in need and the homeless,  the abandoned, the lost, the addicted, the prisoner, all those in need of helping hand to draw them out of shadows of darkness in to the Light!

          Lord, that our character be filled with Compassion so that we become more and more of a blessing instead of cursing for all of our brothers and sisters, but especially for Hebraic ones.  May we this day be cleansed of all greed, hatred, jealousy and any defilement  or perversion by our repentance in this moment.  May we be even more aware that we are truly a blessed nation with our President Trump and his Administration and all those who are aligned with him to bring about Your Plan for America.  We are grateful that our President Trump has shown forth a Faith in the Christ our Savior during these days.  Thank You Father for turning the White House into a God House as Kim Clement  and other loyal prophetic voices in our day have proclaimed.

          Now, Father we seek more unity and support from our officials in government and in the people of America.  That these days also there be even more of an awareness of the sacredness of Your Plan for families.  As families and friends gather together today may generosity and openness of spirit pervade the homes of America, Israel and other nations.

As people reflect on the image of a Child born to us may the sacredness of Life become more and more an important factor in our character to promote life and not death to any child conceived. That the womb of a mother become so sacred again and a safe haven for life!  That we again treasure more deeply the beauty created in each of us and that we are a new creature when we accept the the new birth in the spirit when we make Yeshua, the Christ our Lord and Savior!  Thank You, Father for this great gift of the restoration of Your Family!  Thank You for the gift of Life and Life in Abundance!

          Father, again we want to repent of any defilement in our lives that makes us unworthy to offer You our worship and praise to You on this day and any day that we celebrate You action into our Lives.  We give You Thank for giving us Your Son, Yeshua, that He became incarnate in the womb or Mary, His Mother and that as a nation we are to celebrate His Birth and reflect on the meaning and purpose of what this really means to us!

Lord, that we may concentrate on the Miracle of Love we are celebrating and that more and more will see our character as a reflection of His Light and draw more and more to want and desire that which we carry in our hearts and are openly expressing in our day without political correctness or shame or guilt or embarrassment  or condemnation that Jesus Christ is Lord and Messiah!  May our character reflect a humble, contrite spirit in all we do in service to You and the spreading of Your Kingdom here as it is in heaven. Amen.

          One last word, Father that the rulers of this world this day have the convicting Power of the Holy Spirit come upon them so that the Peace of Jerusalem reign over the nations! That Your Glory visit us today and rule and reign as You have planned it from the beginning!

This we seek in Yeshua’s Name Amen!



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