May 14, 2019

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Heavenly Father,    

As we humbly come before you with open hearts to listen to Your Word and Commands given to us to follow, shield us from every attack of the enemy to interfere with our sacred time with you!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble his frequencies and keep our lines of communication open and safe!  Let what is being revealed in our day by You continue to confound the enemy and his minions.  We know we face a defeated foe because of what Yeshuah has already done, but keep us mindful of it when we grow weary or tired in our times of warfare.  We know You are our source of strength and that You will never leave us or forsake us no matter how big the enemy may look to us but in the eyes of Faith we know that victory is ours!

Father, we place in Your Hands this band of Warriors, especially those on the call now and all who have joined our ranks in Your Army of Strike Force of Prayer whether here in America or any nation around the world.  We seek healing for any who are under attack in their body with any ailment or disease.  Through the stripes of Yeshuah touch them with restored health and wholeness in their being no matter what age or what stage of life they are in!  Also, Lord, in Your Promise to restore our prosperity according to Your Way and not man’s let each Warrior who is in a struggle financially be blessed and fulfilled in the Holy Plans you have for them.  We bring all of their needs to You Lord knowing by Faith You hear us and swiftly answer us!

Father, You have called us to be Holy for You are holy so here we are LORD ready to be molded into the image of Your Son, Yeshuah, who fulfilled and showed us how to be holy. The holiness you require is not impossible and is not found in man’s image but in what You have laid out for us: as You have shown us in Leviticus 19: it is how we treat one another and love one another with no deceit, lying or fraudulent behavior. Father you have made it quite simple, but we in our minds get so entangled in fleshly and legalistic ideas.  Lord children understand it quicker than we do.  Forgive us for forgetting to Love You with all our strength and ability and our neighbor as ourselves! You make us Holy!  You set us apart to follow Your Son’s example!  You bless us with love and we are here to share it with one another!  Thank You Lord for making holiness so simple!

Lord in our day, and in our land, we seek Justice and Truth to prevail.  So, bless the efforts and working of President Trump and all those truly aligned with him to bring about a real change and restoration to America being that light on a hill for the nations and to be an example of a Kingdom nation according to Your plan! Lord, there ae many in our land who either need to be awakened to the truth or be brought to Justice for their deceit, fraud, lies and hatred and division they have brought into our government and places of worship of You, o Lord!  Give us the courage and will to follow through with the way You will bring about the restoration to our government, our systems that are to be brought down and to walk in newness of Life!

Father, we seek true unity based on Your Commands and true worship of You. Let all that is false be exposed and brought down.  Let all false religion and all that is being put forth to make it one world religion be crushed now through Your angelic forces and our intercession to bring down all false ideologies and desecrating ways of life that we have foolishly allowed to come along side us, such as the yoking together churches and ministries with devil worship, witchcraft, and destructive forces such as Planned Parenthood and other atrocities through 501c3 and other laws that control us and make us forget that Jesus is Lord and He alone is our Savior and He alone is our Head and we are His body!

Father, we seek special protection for all those who are willing to expose the truth by the words that they report to us through the different ways of communication available. Let us rise up to respond to the Truth to take action in whatever way we can to be one nation under You Father with Liberty and Justice for all who will truly assimilate to be a part of American Life!  Lord continue to bless those who stand to speak out and lead us in our day!  Let us truly see them as set apart to be holy as You have destined us to be!  Thank You for all that is taking place in our land and throughout the world as the Holy Spirit moves and has His Way in us and through us!  Thank You for Your Light even when it looks darkest for we know You are with us and no weapon formed against us will prosper as You are bringing down this demonic force that has had plans to destroy America. As your prophet Mark Taylor has spoken those that are corrupt their days are numbered and will soon be over!  We are so grateful to be in this time of a great awakening and the harvest of many into Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Amen!

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