Sep 17, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We children are here before You in a humble contrite heartfelt way.  We always want to be under Your Protective Covering!  Forgive us if we have in any way whether large or small in having wandered from under Your Covering!  You have told us that if we follow Your Commands, we will be covered by Your Holy Angels who surround us and keep us safe!  O Lord we are so grateful because by Your protection we are kept off the enemy’s radar and You scramble his frequency so that we are able to hear Your Voice and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit who reveals to us all Truth and gives us insight into the Words Your Son has spoken to us.  Father we are so grateful that You have called us to be a part of Your Family!  Let Your Light shine in the darkness around us in this hour as we march forward under Your Covering of Protection for we have nothing to fear of the enemy as we battle a defeated foe and we will see even more of his downfall in this day as Your Justice sweeps across America and across the earth.

Father as Your Prayer Army interceding for those things that are on Your heart and You place in us.  First of all this day we pray for Israel, Your Chosen Land sacred to You and to us.  The Land that where Your Son came to shed His Blood and atone for all our sins.  This land is sacred and so Father we want the elections to be fair and just in Israel.  That the right anointed leader You have chosen will come into office.  We in America will bless Israel with a protective covering so that Justice and Righteousness will be in the land.  Father we especially intercede for the people of Israel, the true Israelites will come to know Your Son as the only Messiah!  Lord as Your Apostle Paul told us they have been blinded so that the Gentiles can be grafted in and so now Lord as more and more come in through the Great Harvest has begun awaken Your People to search and find the Messiah by their reading of the Sacred Scriptures and the witnessing of those who know Jesus as Lord and Messiah!

Father, we also seek the continued protection of our President Trump, whom You have given us to lead us into new beginnings and a return to make America a Nation that follows and calls Jesus Lord and King!  Lord our heritage from the beginning was to freely worship You and be a Nation who God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and knows Jesus as Lord and is governed by what You have given us in Your Word!  Lord our founding documents were based on the Sacred Scriptures, especially the Book of Deuteronomy and that 34 % percent of our documents contain direct quotes of Your Word and all these important documents have references to You Word.  We are so grateful for this and in this day, we want a complete return to what we have been given.  Let Your Justice prevail now in our Land!

Father put Your Protective Hand over President Trump and all those who are assisting him to make us follow the rule of law and that the criminal enterprises and hateful attempts to make America into a country ruled by elites and followers of Satan be crushed in our day.  Yes, Lord let those who have betrayed us be brought into custody and face the rightful punishment they deserve.  We are not here to be weakened milk toast but defenders of the Truth with no fear to see and stand behind those who are bringing Justice into the land!  Surely, we want to save those souls who will repent, but the ones we are after are those who have given themselves over to the darkness and do know what they are doing to make us slaves to them.  Lord as your prophet Mark Taylor and others have spoken it is time for the corrupt to face their ending.  As we say it Lock them up and free us from this captivity that has been placed upon us.  So we will be a free people able to worship You without fear and walk in righteousness in the land!

Lord, we pray for honest elections to take place in our land and that the errors of the past will be corrected.  That You are now raising up men and women who will be a support to the agenda You have given president Trump.  That we will see the corruption of our Judiciary washed away and the appointment and election of judges and other official positions of the Court, from the local levels to the Supreme Court will happen even now before the elections begin!  Lord, we need not with any longer for this to happen for we as Your prayer Warriors have heed the call: repent, turn from wicked ways and we are Your people called by Your Name, so now continue the healing of our land!

We bring before You our families, our children and our marriages and all of our relationships that they be aligned with Your Word and shine forth the Image of Your Son, Jesus the Christ!  We place all of our prayers in Your Hand in Jesus Name. Amen!

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