Aug 20, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

As Joshua said long ago as for me and my household we are the Lord’s and we will fight under His Banner!  So here we are Lord under the Banner of Your Son Yeshua/Jesus covered by His Blood which washes us clean and new to be in Your Presence.  We are armored up to run to the front line of the battle Lord!  We are here not for our own needs but for the needs of our land and its people.  We are here Lord to intercede for America, its leaders and its people.  We are the only land other than Israel that has made a covenant with You.  Our founding fathers and mothers started with Mayflower Compact 400 year ago and our true history shows over this period of time we have grown to be a Nation dedicated to Jesus Christ Your Son and we have a heritage and many traditions that show our allegiance to You.  In this day we want to re-connect and re-commit ourselves to this Covenant with You, cause we know that without You we are lost and will have no America!  Lord we are her to fast and pray and intercede and do spiritual warfare to save our nation and to fulfill what the Your Prophet have spoken when we repent and call on Your Name You will hear us and heal our Land.  Father that time is now!  We are here to make America a Kingdom Nation that it was made to be.  We want no other strange gods in our land or altars that have false worship in our midst.  In the authority of Jesus we cast down these idols of false worship and the force of evil in their strongholds we smash with the Sword of Faith.  We seek Justice as our foundation as it is in heaven!

Father, in Your Great mercy You have given us an opportunity to turn back the tide of the one world government and its philosophy of socialism and communism and all the other evil isms that like snakes and vipers have crawled into our life!  We take the Sword of Justice to cut off these evil heads!

We no longer stay silent for the evil movement call Black Lives Matter or AntiFa or Planned Parenthood.  These are not true movements for man’s betterment but purely of the evil one who comes to steal,  kill and destroy.  Lord it is in our cities and we bind the these principalities and demonic entities that hover over us in places like Seattle, Portland and Chicago and other parts of our nation.  We are here Lord from our place in heavenly places with Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus throwing firey darts back into the enemy camp so that they will kill one another with their swords of destruction and chaos.

May they turn to ashes and be cast back to the pit that awaits them.  Lord, You Son has already defeated the enemy and so in His Name we continue to do as He did and throw off any of the shackles and chains of captivity of the evil ones and proclaim and declare We are free in Christ Jesus and He and only He is whom we serve and call Lord!

Father, we seek a renewal and restoration that will sweep across them land by the Power of the Holy Spirit to have Americans arise to bring a tsunami of voting to re-elect President Trump and those who will support and enact the plans You have place in his heart for America and its unity with Israel, Your Sacred Land.  Lord we are here to fight to bring about the plans You have for us.  We are here Lord to throw off the oppresive and evil actions of those who have held office over us by trickery, deceit and lies and cheating in all forms they could muster.  We say Now it is to stop!  The powers of hell are crushed at the gates of our nation Now!  Awaken more of Your People to see how worthy and valuable every life is to You! That abortion and every type of evil against children is to stop and all those who have in any way advanced this or been a part of it may they if possible repent or suffer sever consequences of bring curses upon our land!  Yes, Lord we may have been lulled to sleep and remained cowering in fear in our pews, but this is a new age of taking up the cross and following You boldly to overcome the enemy and being more than conquerors.  Now Lord is the time for renewing our strength and restoring our tongues to proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord and nothing will stop us from the March we are in to cast the demons into the pigs that will rush into the sea and like the healing of the demoniacs!

We are here Lord use us and we will see the great Victory You have for us!  Praise and Glory are Yours for Your plan to dwell with us is ready to be fulfilled and our hearts are ready, Lord! Amen!

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