Jan 17, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

          We seek Your Protection over this call and our gathering in this moment to bring before You our hearts to pray as You through the Holy Spirit grant us a passion to pray what is on Your heart for us, our nation and the nations of the earth.  Father scramble the enemy’s frequency and bring utter confusion and chaos into his camp and that which he has planned against us fall on his own forces.  That we are off his radar and that any interference he as planned for us fall on deaf ears and be brought to naught. Let Your Holy Angels subdue the evil forces that surround us and keep us safe from any sting of the enemies arrows of disease, destruction and loss of hope.  We are Your Warriors fighting the good fight You have laid out before us and now we raise our Swords to strike at the enemy and move forward in Your Victory!

          Father, give us a burning desire to use our prayer time to stoke the fires of restoration across our land and in our houses of worship.  A movement so strong in us that it will last for generations to come.  That the seeds of Faith we plant now will grow into mighty trees like the the cedars of Lebanon as of old.  That like our forefathers we will have only the vision of a bright future for our children, grand children and the generations to come. Lord place in us a Compassion to follow Your Heart in all that You have destined us to be a part of in this hour!

          Father we seek a compassion for the Right to Life!  To protect the unborn. To protect  the women who carry precious life in their wombs.  That we will have such a compassion to reach out and aid any young mother in need of a father, a mother a sister or brother to protect them and guide them in their moments of confusion and lack of love or understanding.  Lord that as this nation participates and see the Right to Life March that a new fire will burn in us to no longer want anything to do with the culture of death or the foolish rights of a mother over her own body.  Lord that we will all see in one accord no matter what circumstance the life of a child in the womb is a moment of Your Creative Miracle! Place a Fire in us to stop it now and to do what we can to roll back any and all legislation and decisions that choose death over life!  Life is sacred to You Father and it is to us too!

          Father place in us this day, this hour a compassion to fight the good fight of Faith to save our nation from any more influences of any of the Globalists ideas of a one world order, one world religion and one world government.  We are not hear to build a tower of babel but a nation tht is under You O Lord with Liberty and Justice for all.  That in this land we worship You the true God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the God who sent His Son. Yeshuah as our Messiah and King and have given us the Holy Spirit who guides us into all Truth. Lord there is no religion but that which worships You as the true God and we have no room in our hearts or land for any false gods or false ways of how to live other than our Constitution and those laws that are in accord with Your Sacred Scriptures! Thank You, Father for the restoration that is taking place in our land that is renewing our life now through President Trump and the righteous men and women you are raising up and anointing to take the lead and move us in the direction You have wanted us since the beginning!  That what we see here will also be in other nations especially in the land of Israel, for Israel is forever!

          Father place in us a burning compassion to protect the innocence in children and all the young in need of the protection of fathers and mother who love and raise them up to know You as the Loving Father You are!  A burning desire in us to change our education system and all that pertains to rearing them according to Your Word!  Father, that you will raise up among us a new breed of teachers committed to proper instruction and guidance and those who are already among us that teach in righteousness will move forward an take the leadership out of the darkness and bring in the Light of true wisdom and understanding that is needed in this hour!  That students everywhere will have the hunger to know You the true God and that their teachers will humbly be use to sweep this nation with a restoration of You in our schools and halls of learning.  Lord, it is not just a dream but a reality we want now and we will see it as the Holy Spirit blows across our nation because of our compassionate prayers and actions of Faith!

          Father place in us a burning compassion to intercede for our nation in all areas of our government to sweep out all that is decayed and destructive and bring in a newness that will change us to the nation You have established us to be.  We are in Thanksgiving for all the is started now and give us the fire to keep it going as Your Army marching forward in victory.  We are here in Love and not fear!  We are here in Faith and Hope ready to accept the challenge You give us today!  We are here in confidence because of Yeshuah our Lord and in His Name we pray AMEN!

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