Oct 23, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Let Your Holy Fire consume us in Your Love so that as obedient children we may fulfill Your Perfect Will in our personal lives, our families, our communities and in our Nation the United States of America. Let Your Holy Fire consume all sin and iniquity that stains our nation’s soul and heart. That we will be consumed to be one nation under You the only True God and that we will live in harmony with Liberty and Justice for all. That this nation will stand as a Kingdom Nation and we proclaim no other god but You, God! Shema!

Let Your Holy Fire so burn within us that we Your people in America who all out to You in the Name of Your Son Yeshuah/Jesus will do what we say: that we Pray & Voice & Vote that which is our civic duty as citizens of Your Kingdom right her in America. This day we proclaim that we elect only those You have anointed for such a time as this. That those who have taken up the mantle to lead us into righteousness and Justice we vote in in a landslide victory beyond everyone’s imagination. That we will see a red tsunami so strong that crushes the enemy forces and all their plans to revolt and disrupt will be burn to ashes. That we will see now what will be true on November 3rd! President Trump will be re-elected and flow of over 90% of America will bring a victory that will change the course of history forever! That this nation will be a fulfillment of the Mayflower Compact and all the sacred documents we hold as our heritage from America’s very beginning until now and for future generations on the horizon. Lord thank You for this great victory because it is all for Your Glory and it expresses how sacred and worthy we are to You!

Father that we will walk without fear and boldly into the face of our enemy and all those who hate us fro You have given us a spirit of love and a strong mind. We will stand firm in Faith to speak the truth and to share with others are firm conviction to be a moral people. We will speak life instead of death! That all children are sacred and with our voice we will proclaim that all murder is wrong even if it is committed in a mother’s womb. We bind the spirit of Cain among us that would kill our brothers and sisters because of jealousy and turning our face from You, Lord! Lord give us the vision of Christ Jesus that we see one another as You see us in the Image of your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus! That each of us s valuable to You for You have redeemed us at a great price the Sacred Blood of Your Son. That each of us even though we are broken vessel, we are set aside to bring Your Love into this world and to all those who are wounded and abused in body, mind and spirit. Lord that through the Blood of Your Son we are healed and raised up as a new creation into Your Family establishing Your Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Thank You, Father we have so much to look forward to now and for all eternity!

Lord, that all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear may understand fully what is at stake here in our nation. It is a clear choice between good and evil, life and death, blessings and cursings. That in this hour we have the perfect opportunity to show You that we repent of our sinful ways and are now walking in Righteousness and here to proclaim truth of the Gospel that we are free in Jesus and when He sets you free we are free indeed. That is what our founding fathers and mothers believed and lived by and it is what we are standing for now as we vote and do our civic duty. For as we worship You now we are showing You our true worship by fulfilling what we need to do now as citizens of the USA and fully citizens of Your Kingdom!

Right now Father we call out to every judge, senator, congressman/woman and all who are in our government to be repentant of any wrong doing no matter how small or big! That they will stand for righteousness and Justice in the land! That those who will not repent will be removed from office and face the charges laid against them for any form of treason, sedition and betrayal through bribery or unjust work, that they will be duly prosecuted and face justice to make a reparation toward all of Americans that they have stolen, lied and cheated! That we will be restored to a Nation built on law and order just as Your Kingdom is built on Justice! Father by the authority given us by Jesus we bind the strongman and any stronghold that has held us captive or bound us in obligations that has made us slaves. It is replaced now with the spirit of love and freedom and we are here living in a peace and harmony that is based on Your Sacred Torah/Law that Your Son fulfilled and showed us that we too can do as He did and even more besides. Thank You for giving us this opportunity now to show You we are Your Family and we want to dwell with You now and forever! Amen!

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