Dec 19, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

          It is an honor to serve You in this Army of Prayer Warriors.  We are Yours and  we look to You for all that we need and have as only source.  We trust  and believe that You will fulfill in us all that You have planned for us to be a part of in our day.  That Your Kingdom come  here in America and on the earth as it is in heaven.

          We come to You, Father in a spirit of repentance to make sure that there is not defilement in us  or sinful tendency that would hinder our prayers and give the enemy a foothold to stop us in our march to victory that You have planned for us.  We know Lord that when we place all of our past and any stain of sin at the foot of You Son’s Cross we are cleansed and made new by His Sacred Blood!  So we can before You without guilt, shame, embarrassment or condemnation, free to worship You in spirit and truth.  Thank You for loving us and doing so in this present moment! We are Yours and we are so grateful.  Keep us alert and aware to always do all for Your Glory so that the Kingdom come now on the land here in America and all nations who turn to You for their source!

          Father at this time shield us from all the plots, schemes and trickery that the enemy attempts to bring against us.  May all confusion, resistance, anxiety and disunity remain in his camp and may all those who are aligned with him be exposed and bring their shame before us so we know that there is a separation of those who are Yours from those who are his and no one sits on the fence but is truly committed to being Yours!

          Father we now intercede first of all for those whom You have anointed to lead usin this time!  All those who stand for righteousness and truth and are committed to serve us here in America as the Christian nation we were established to be by our fore fathers and mothers through their sacrifice and blood, sweat and tears!  So Father, we place before You our President Donald Trump, his family and all those in his administration and office holders in our government that they will truly bring forth the Plan You have for America as it has been revealed through Your prophets of our day!  Bless them with Wisdom from Your Holy Spirit so that they may discern and act properly to bring Justice to the land and that those systems that are corrupt and condemned by You be destroyed  and abolished like the 501 c 3 and all the evil tax codes and rules and regulations that hinder our freedom and especially rule over our assemblies of worship. Lord we are a free people and we have a Constitution and a Declaration that is based on Your Scriptures and we are here to live under it and want no other laws like Sharia or any other foreign rules or laws to interfere with our way of life!  May all of our leaders especially our judges from the Supreme Court to any court in the land be ruled by our laws and not the whims or bribes that make us slaves.

          Father we repent of all the division and resistance that pervades in our America from all those who lead us into one world order, one world religion  and all other forms that bring us under the Luciferian influence of the globalists and those who hate what America truly is a Light shining on a Hill to help and rescue all those who hunger to be free and live lives under Justice and truth not tyrrany, and all the evil isms that enslave people!  Through Christ Jesus we strike at the snake who squeezes the life out of people and set them free to live under the Good News of Your Kingdom come!  Let the Hammer of Justice smash those who will not repent and turn from their evil ways!  Give us Liberty in Christ now throughout the earth!

          Father, You build strong character in us through our repentance and turning from ways that lead us away from You!  We recognize because of the convicting power of the Holy Spirit any sin or defilement that hinders us and repent of it by facing it and admitting our participation in it in any form so that we are then cleansed and free from any legal right the enemy can claim over us as we battle and bring down any strong man or stronghold in our land.  We are here to serve You in integrity and trustworthiness.  Lord we want to live in honesty and truthfulness with one another.  No more political correctness and being afraid to speak plainly to say what we mean and mean what we say!  No more lies and deceit from the White House to our house!

          Father we know You are preparing us to do more in rescuing and restoring our land for the youth and all those who have been trapped in the perverse acts of sex trafficking and all forms of sexual abuse from pornography to any form of sexual perversion!  Lord that purity and modesty return to cover our children our men and women and especially those who are weak and in need of special support.  Thank You Father for all those who are truly being the fathers and mothers we need in this hour.

          Father we know You hear us in all that You put in our hearts from Your Heart to pray and intercede for because we bring it You through Yeshua! Amen! 



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