Apr 26, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You as Your children of the Light!  Through Your Strong Arm shield us from the enemy and all his evil tactics and plans to kill, steal and destroy us.  Lord, keep us off his radar and blind and mute him from seeing, hearing or speaking any thing that is contrary to Your battle plans for us!

We seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and His conviction to lead us in our daily walk with You! So that we may be true and loyal Warriors in Your Army of the Kingdom.  Lord, keep us aware of any and all attacks from the enemy in any of its forms especially in our land today.  That we will have the strength and courage to conquer new territory for the expansion of Your Kingdom, so that we will do and be here as it is in heaven.

Today, Lord, we repent of any spirit of betrayal that is in us from the past right to the present. That our steps be filled only with loyalty and perseverance in being loyal and trustworthy warriors in the war we are waging against all the forces of the spirit of betrayal on every level of our spirit, mind and body.

Lord, protect our President Trump from all forms of betrayal around him and his administration.  Lord give him Wisdom and discernment to know who among his team is for  or against his agenda that You have placed in his heart to fulfill.

Lord, during these days reveal those who say one thing but yet do another to deny the Truth of their actions. Lord there is so much betrayal going on among those who lead our nation or in jobs of administration all trying to destroy what we have here.  Crush all forms of  betrayal in our homes, neighborhood, communities, cities, counties and states.  Raise up men and women in our midst who will stand in Righteousness and be defenders of the Truth and loyal to the anointing on whom You have called to lead us in our day.

Lord, we have all been betrayed in some form in our lifetime.  Allow Your Grace of Forgiveness be in our hearts so that the wounds of betrayal will be healed and then enable us to rebuild trust in our relationships whether with a spouse, or parent,children or those who lead us in our assemblies of worship and those who lead us in our government.

Lord, during these times when You are pulling back the curtain on those who have betrayed our country and lied and cheated us from our true potential to grow as a nation under Your Reign already  Lord convict those who have lied and denied the Truth.  Lord, forgive them as they honestly repent or if they do not  cast them out into the utter darkness where You said ther will be gnashing of teeth and where the fire is never quenched!

Father, reveal even more those that are here in our land  to destroy and wound the innocent men, women and children.  Lord give wisdom to the law enforcement servants who have to deal with betrayal by enemies both foreign and domestic. Capture those who are illegally here and take advantage of our generosity and truly want to destroy our freedoms and our way of life.  Lord, that our Congress and Senators pass proper laws that will take care of our imagration  situation.

Lord, because so many our ready to betray instead of lifting uo our brothers and sisters, give us wisdom of discernment in our hearts to know who to trust and be able to walk away from organizations and relationships that are damaging or destructive to our well being or even blocks us from fulfilling the destiny You have place within each of us!

Father, continue to give us trustworthy leaders in our churches and in our government of America. Lord, make the Judases of our day realize how foolish to reject honor and justice to accept 30 pieces of silver or any other material gain that will only be left behind in the end!

Lord, purify us in our motives and our actions in our day so that we truly become United in Prayer, Voice and Vote for America and the land of Israel.  In Yeshua’s name! Amen!



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