Jan 9, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We are here in Your Presence without You we are lost but with You oh what wonders take place! Father Your Son has taught us to be in the world but of it but sometimes we forget.  We are here Lord to be used in what You want us to do to spread the Kingdom  here in America and around the world! With Your Son we can do all things even in a world that hates the mention of Your Son’s Name and rejects all that He has done for us.  We are Your children so we stand firm in our commitment to do Your Will here on earth as it is in heaven.  Lord we know Your Holy Angels protect us and work with us to keep Hope alive in those who despair, keep Faith alive to walk through any fear of evil plots against us and to bring Love to those most in need because of the abuse they endure!  In our weakness You give us Your strength to endure and face the evil before us and choose life over death and truth over deceit and lies.   Lord we will see the vindication of Truth over the lies of this world now by Your Might Right Hand!  Lord in this hour to see that those who are enemies will be brought to Justice! Recompense brought to all those who suffered loss by the selfish and greedy evil doers!  Your Light shines bright just as it did over President Trump when he spoke before the nation!  We see Your Mighty Hand at work!

Father we seek continue protection over our President Trump and all those who are loyal workers with him!  That the Secret Service that guards him continue to be there as a reliable help and protection for him and his family!  That all those who are assigned to guard and protect will truly be loyal to their calling and weed out any who are aligned with the “deep state”  or are plants to disrupt the free flow of what President Trump is assigned to do by You!  That righteous men and women come to President Trump to be appointed as a team of leaders to make us be the nation You established us to be our founding fathers and mothers were inspired to start and even be willing to sacrifice themselves to give America a life and land dedicate to You Lord in the Name of JESUS the Christ!

Father as tension builds in the right choices President Trump makes and decides to do let us continue to see a movement among the people to support and defend him and to trust that the Holy Spirit is in charge and is using all of these actions to make this world safer and more in align with Your Divine Plan!  Father You inspire us, each one to do a part of saving America from destruction and to bring about Justice and Freedom for all to have and live in.  Lord You give us the vision so we trust You to give us the provision.  Just as You have done in the past we see it now happening in our day because we are placing our faith and trust in You!  We are so grateful and thankful for placing us here now in this hour to be a part of that which we have longed for victory over the enemy and all who have chosen evil over good!  Lord that we will see more and more of the unjust be brought low and receive the punishment they deserve.  No repentance then no forgiveness!  No matter how people’s feelings are hurt the Truth shall prevail! 

Father, we continue to intercede that the strongholds of evil that are revealed in our world of entertainment and media and those who consider themselves the elitest fall and that they become extinct and no longer hold sway over our Youth and any who are vulnerable to the influence of others. Lord just as You are using a man like Kanye West and others who have turned their hearts to You keep them in Your Protection and be committed  to Your Way.  Lord continue to move like the wind to open the doors of heart to be mentors, teachers and guides to a generation ready to receive revelation of the Truth and follow after it!  Lord give us the patience we need to wait upon You and see how all things will come together in Your Holy Plan and you promised Jeremiah: plans for our welfare and to give us a future full of Hope.  And as You have promised when we repent  of our sins and cry out to You, You will heal our land and make us a people whose God is the Lord Most High!  Yet as Your Son has shown us You know of each of us intimately and want us to give our heart to You as You express Your heart to us.  Praise You! Glorify You! Now and forever…Amen Alleluia!

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