Oct 4, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We are here as Your Family giving You are heart and so we know we are Yours and You will never let us go only if we try to run from You and that is not going to happen today nor any other time no matter what the evil forces try to blow through our minds.  We are Yours, Lord and that is all we want to be!  Thank You for letting us know how valuable we are to You through the Loving Sacrifice of Your Son for us and You draw us close to You through the convicting Power of the Holy Spirit our special friend and guide>  Father we are so grateful to be here as one united in the spirit here on the line but also those who are with us in the spirit so that we are of one mind and heart to give you worship in spirit and truth.  We are here armored up and say with Isaiah here I am Lord send me!

Father let Your Holy Warrior Angels surround us this day to keep us safe from the enemy’s attacks and schemes to stop us from spreading Your Kingdom on the earth!  Let these Angels assigned to us smash the enemies radar and break down the enemy’s frequencies so that we are attentive to Your Word and clearly hear Your Voice and follow Your Commands.  We are happy to have Your Angels here to assist us and remind us that it is Your Agenda we are here to fulfill!  

Father, forgive us for making the enemy seem so strong as if he is like You!  He is not he has been defeated by Your Son and we are here to continue to fulfill what Your Son has left us to do until that Great and Glorious Day when we will be the Bride without spot and wrinkle and ready for the real Feast to begin.  Right now, Father we are here to do Your Will and fulfill the Agenda You have for us now here in America and around the world!  Your Kingdom come Your Will be done here as it is in Heaven!

Father we intercede for our president Donald Trump and all those who are at his die to fulfill Your Plans for America.  Protect them and guide by the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit to make us a Kingdom Nation ready to defend and protect all who are Your Family here on earth.  Lord thank You that You led him to proclaim the Truth before the nations of the earth at the UN meeting!  Lord we are so grateful that You are using this man to speak fro us and to use his voice as a rallying call for us to make America what You have called us to be from the beginning!  Lord thank You for giving us a voice to confound our enemies both within in our land and those who hate us from afar.  Lord we proclaim that we are a Kingdom Nation and that by Faith we worship and serve the only True God.  Lord wash from us all those who do not worship You and those who have lied and deceived us as wolves in sheep clothing from the White House to houses of worship.  Let Your Justice be fulfilled on all who have led us astray or have hidden the Truth from us!

Father on this day bring to naught all those who are screaming impeachment.  Fulfill what Your prophet Kim Clement told us impeachment will not happen.  Thank You, God for using this as a time a time to expose those who are opposed to Your plan for us no matter who they be a political leader or even a religious leader.  Now is the separation of the righteous from those in darkness and are committed to destroy what our history and tradition have truly made us a Christian Nation who worships the true God as a free people just as Your Have promised our father in Faith, Abraham when the prophetic word was spoken that You would save us from our enemies and from the hands of all that hate us. And we would be free to worship You without fear holy and righteous in Your sight all the days of our life!

Lord this day we proclaim in the Presence of the angels all around us Praise and Honor to You O Lord!  Lord protect our children and all those who are weak and feel abandoned and without hope that will see that Angels are her ministering to us as You command them to do!  Lord just as You did for Peter may we experience this day the protection of Your Angels and be as roaring lions a people without fear speaking the Truth in every situation and defending Life Liberty and the pursuit of You as our Savior and King!  Lord we are so grateful for You have done for us so far and may of Your Decrees from Heaven happen this day in Jesus Name we pray! Amen!

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