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Heavenly Father,

We humbly come before Your throne of Grace and Mercy seeking Your Will in all things as Your Army of Prayer Warriors, who are dedicated to defending and expanding Your Kingdom in our nation and the nations of the earth.

Father, we place ourselves under the Shadow of Your Wings!  Release Your Warrior Angels as a strong shield that protects us from the enemy’s radar and confounds his camp keeping them in disarray so that they are not prepared for the next strikes we are making against their strongholds of power!  We seek Your power and Might to strengthen us and embolden us to overturn any and all evil corruption in America.  We know how you have blessed us with victories and we are thankful as we see everything unfold before us even now as we are united in this moment of prayer.  Our hearts are openly repenting to fight any area of our lives that needs cleansing now!

Father, we trust what You are doing as You expose more and more of the corruption.  At the same time we continually intercede for our President Trump and all those aligned with him to drain the swamp.  We know these next few months can be turbulent because of the judicial process beginning to open up.  We know that some who are high and mighty will be brought down to their knees as they face the Justice that will be poured out over them over the next two to three months in our nation.  We are fed up with the lies and deception!  Honesty and truth will reign again!

Lord, we know that the enemy causes and stirs up unrest because of the exposure and prosecution of evil and the dark forces being cast down!   Lord keep us so aware and make more Americans aware and be given the opportunity to strike down these evil forces!  It is in unity of Prayer, unity of voice and unity of voting that we will see the results we have been interceding for!  But most importantly keep us peaceful at rest in Your Arms and know we can with You make it through these times before us! Protect the righteous who are here to lead us and fulfill the assigned duties they have to fulfill!  Thank You, for the Prophets, like Mark Taylor and others and the watchmen on the wall who warn us and foresee those things that must be done! We give You all the Glory and Praise!

We set aside all fear and worry in trusting You.  We believe that at time it is messy when cleansing is happening, but we know You our Protector through what lies ahead!  As Your Son taught us trusting You brings forth Peace, Your Peace which no one can give us like Your Peace even in times of unrest all around us! Lord we know many who are not prepared are going to be shocked by all who fall from lofty places, some whom we believe have great images and reputations, but do not live by Righteousness.  A label or title do not save us only the Blood of Yeshua and to know Him personally and more importantly that He knows us personally!

Lord, protect our military and our law enforcement men and women!  Give them Wisdom and discernment as they obey their orders to arrest and detain those who are being prosecuted!  Their duty to serve and protect our American families and all our leaders anointed to lead us through this time!

Lord, keep Your people united in prayer. Keep us brave to voice the Truth and Just principles to live by! Keep us committed to vote for righteous leaders into office and hold their feet to the fire so that they will be accountable for doing what they say they will do!

Lord for those who cause unrest and have plans of civil disobedience and public disturbances, we by authority of Jesus say stop and cause confusion in their camp!  Make Americans aware of what will happen to them if they foolishly participate in harming neighbors or their property.  Lord we say Stop! Disruptions to our private citizens, public transportation or other such havoc they may cause. May those in authority discipline them properly!  Lord as Your Peace reigns inn our hearts may we be used as instrument of Your Love Light in our nation!

Lord listen now to our brothers and sisters as they make intercession for America.  Holy Spirit guide us into this phase of our battle!  Lord, hear the prayers of  Your Warriors for the Strike Force of Prayer, members of Your Army. Seal their expression with Your anointing! We humbly pray in Yeshua’ Name! Amen!


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