Jul 13, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come in childlike Faith, Hope and Love that You will always take care of us even in times of trouble and civil unrest. Show us how to peacefully walk through any situation to reach out to You to hold on to Your Strong Hand  to be steady and calm as You cleanse our Land, America of the iniquity of the systems and people who have us bound and have followed the enemy instead of You!

Lord, keep us off the enemy’s radar and keep confusion in their camp so that an wicked plot against us will fall back on them for their own self-destruction. From the hands of our enemy deliver us O Lord! Because of our humble repentance.  Father You are strength and power in overcoming the enemy.  It is You O Lord who devastate the wicked and It is Your Covering that keeps us safe with Peace in our hearts!

Father, to have peace in troubled times, we repent of any words or deeds conceived in the hearts of blinded Americans to reject and resist President Trump and his lawful authority to change this nation to follow Your Agenda and turn back the New World Order and all other plots against what You have planned for us who follow Yeshua, Your Son and our only Savior.  Lord, we repent of anytime we have remained silent in speaking out against evil and corruption.  We repent of being to scared to voice the Truth stand with those who have the boldness to do so.  Now we proclaim that You are Supreme Commander and Yoru Ways are the only way to govern a nation!

Father, we repent of listening to prophets of doom and gloom that lulled us to sleep when we should fighting to promote the Kingdom until You come again!

We repent of thinking we won’t have to face the evil that lays before us and somehow we are going to be taken out of here when you have placed us here for such a time as this!  We now take up the shield of Faith and sword of Righteousness to fight the battles You have destined us to win and to hold fast to the ground we have conquered under the banner of the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua!

We repent of any doubt and despair that has been in our consciousness to stop us from believing and hopping for a brighter tomorrow and special future for our children and grand children.  That no government has the right to stop us from prolaiming Your Name and worship you in spirit and truth!  That now is a time of cleansing in our government to return to what we were founded to do to spread the Good News throughout the world!

We repent of making the devil look and be stronger than You, O God!  Cleanse our mind of such foolish thoughts and imaginings that the devil is in control when it is really You O Lord!  In our minds we have sat on the sidelines when we know through the mind of Christ that the battle is ours in Your Strength.

We know through our prayers grounded in the Spirit we can overcome and defeat the enemy through You through Whom all things are possible.

We repent, Lord, of any foolish doctrine that we have believed that has kept us from voicing the Truth and that we are here to win territory for Your Kingdom and to keep it until You return on Your schedule and not our imaginings.  Lord we are here to do Your Will and follow Your Commands as Your Army to first repent  and to intercede for our nation and its people so that we can live in Your peace under the wholesome authority that rules by Your Righteousness!

We are here, Lord, under the Banner of of the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua!  We are Your People, Lord, reigning in our hearts to speak in Unity the Gospel of Good News of Yeshua that will make all men free to worship and praise You in spirit and truth.  Amen!


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