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Heavenly Father,

In the Mighty Name of Yeshua we proclaim a break through with all that is going on with our government!  That the revelation of those who are lying, and deceiving America be totally exposed through the FISA report now and that this “shut down” be exposed as the smoking mirrors to try to stop the holding back the arrests of those who have been treasonous toward America!  May all be brought to the Light now!  We stand firm with our President Trump as he continues to fight to drain the swamp of all the intrigue involved.  Now is the time Lord that those who live by Righteousness be separated from those who live in darkness and that America see the names and the facts!

We know Father that as Your children we are protected by Your Strong Arm!  This is a time when Your Light is even brighter than we have seen!  We are Warriors of the Light!  Penetrate the darkness through our united prayers now! Expose the deceit and lies of the media of darkness who continue to hide and protect those in the shadows of darkness Today be a day of Major Breakthrough in Yeshua’s Name!

Father, continue to keep us protected from the enemy’s radar and all the evil tactics of deception.  Open more lines of communication for us to get the truth out!  Protect this call and all the calls of prayer today and every day!  Give us strength and boldness to bring down the strongholds of the enemy in our land from the highest positions to the lowest.

Father, we seek a breakthrough in the health in this nation.  Bring to the Light those men and women who know what we need to do to have more healings and physical restoration in our Health System.  That there be more exposure of the insane science be broken open and we will see Your Mighty Hand guiding doctors, nurses and health professionals using the natural means You have planned from the beginning (Gen.1/21), Break this strain of virus that is affecting the health of the people of this land today.  May Your Warriors as we pray right now experience Divine Health and protection from any assault on what You have called us to do.  We are valuable in Your Sight because we have accepted Yeshua as our Savior and King!

Lord, protect our military and law enforcement as they follow the orders of our President and his Department of Justice and that Attorney General Sessions boldly act to do the right thing to bring to Justice all those who are involved with treason and sedition against America and its people!  Lord, as we stand in Your Light may our prayers be used to expose and reveal the weakness of the evil strongholds of those who resist and push against the Truth and Justice!  We know we will see Your answers now and in the days to come!

We give You glory, honor and praise as all is unfolding now!  We stand with You, Lord!  We are willing to follow the orders You have for us in this time!  No matter how small we feel, our light shines bright and You are using it now!  Thank You, Father for uniting us as Your Army for the Kingdom!

Now hear the voices of Your Warriors as they continue this time of intercession.


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