Nov 24, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You seeking Justice to prevail in our land of America and any nation that is like our nation wanting to be free to worship You without fear and protected from any force or tyranny set against us.  Lord let Your Heavenly Host be our rear guard and using their sharp swords pierce the heart of the enemy!  That any plot or plan of the enemy is brought down and tat all confusion rebellion and resistance stay in the enemy camp and that only righteousness and truth prevail over us.  You are our buckler and our Shield from any attack of the enemy and we are confident in trusting You that which You have promised will come to pass.  As king David prayed in the past You are our safety and refuge in time of need or if we feel overwhelmed by all that is going on around us!  Thank You Father as Your children You will never leave us or forsake us!  We are Yours because of the Blood of Your Son, Yehsua/Jesus who has washed us clean of all sin and so we have shining armor on to keep us marching to victory!

Father to day as we pray we want ot bring those words that have been spoken through Your prophet who has said we will have new Justices on our Supreme Court.  That this will be fulfilled swiftly so that our land will be wiped clean of the innocent blood that has been shed and sacrificed to false gods.  Lord this abomination must be swiftly come to an end.  That all of death of children will cease by the reversal of Roe v. Wade and may all those who proclaim that abortion is a woman’s right and a civil right may their mouth become dry like dust and choke on their words so that they may know the evil that they spread is no longer a law in our land whether it be on the federal level or thst state level.  This day let it cease and anyone who promotes this be brought to their knees before You and either repent or face the punishment they think they can avoid. Lord have President Trump be given the opportunity now to appoint 3 more Justice to this Court and that those who are to be exposed for bribery or corruption fall and be taken from their lofty position and be brought to the dust of the past!

No longer in our Courts Lord! Replace them now with the righteous men a nd women you have anointed for uch a time as this!

Father, your prophet has spoken that Presidents of the past who have allowed America to fall into a chaotic mess be brought to Justice.  Lord, may the administrations that have shackled Your people with regulations and laws that are immoral be brought to Justice.  All that has been corrupted in our Judicial system be exposed and overturned now!  Lord the oppression that was place on your people falsehood of racism and other words of division be erased now!  Allow true Justice to bring down all that has been corrupted by the past and those who are responsible face the consequences of their actions now!  Lord just as your did for Your people in the time of the Maccabees over throw the false worship that has been brought into our temples!  Lie the Maccabees we are here to live under the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob who has redeemed us by the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus! The Hammer of smashed the evil ones then and now we will see it do its work again in this day!  Thank You that You have given us a Hammer in President Trump and those around him that are bringing Justice back to the land and bringing Your people out of captivity and motivating us to face our enemy and all who hate us with our Sword of Truth in all that You have called this Army of Prayer Warriors to do.  We are armed Lord and we are a danger to the enemy.  Victory is ours because of Your Might Right Arm!  Praise You, Lord!

Lord we intercede for any who are innocent and have false evidence brought against them in our courts of law.  That they may be vindicated and that those who have falsely accused them be brought to face the evil that they have caused.  We are grateful Lord, that President Trump is willing to free those who have been wrongfully imprisoned by his pardoning them, especially our men who have served this country.  May those who attempt to who do anything further against them be silence and face retribution for such cowardly actions.  Lord, You are the author of our Freedom so continue to set the captive free through any action that President Trump or anyone who is working for rightieousness be given our prayerful support ant protection from the Heavely Host!

Holy Spirit fill us with Your Wisdom and discernment to choose rightly and truly understand the issues we face and to be students of Your Word to choose life over death.   To be vigilant and true watchmen on the wall!  This is our land and we are grateful and thankful to You O Lord! As we cherish it and defend it against those who hate us and attempt to destroy us.  We know it will not be done because You are Our Living and true God  who has made it so! ( Thank Your Father in the Name of Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus in the unity of our Comforter the Holy Spirit!  It is so AMEN!)

One last thing Father, during these days we remember what happen to our beloved President Kennedy and the tragedy of those days, keep us aware of how delicate life is and that our leaders need our prayers to keep them safe and secure in the Plan that You have for them.  May this day that the spirit of murder that is around those who would do harm to our government and our leaders be exposed and brought to Justice and any plot be brought to naught!  What is of the past is past but now Father, You have made us aware and so we look with Hope to a strong bright future!  In Jesus/Yeshuah’s Name Amen

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