May 17, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We seek the Peace of Jerusalem to reign in our hearts and to rule the nations as You have planned from the beginning.  Lard as we are gathered here protect us from the enemy’s radar and all of his evil plans to destroy that which You have made know in our hearts but we proclaim Your Word: the gates of hell cannot prevail against Your kingdom in heaven and here on earth.  Father, You so loved the world that You sent Your only Son, Yeshua, so that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but possess everlasting life.  Father, You did not send Your Son to judge the world, but that through Him the world would be saved!  So, Father, we proclaim Yeshua, Your Son as Lord of all and we are saved through Him  and we extend that Good News to all around us!

Father, we are thankful that You have raised up and anointed President Trump, like Cyrus of old, to lead this nation united with the nation of Israel and all other nations willingly follow the call to give You worship,honor, praise and glory and thanksgiving.  Father keep us united so that we can see the miracles You have planned for us. Just a You brought Israel  back from the grave to new life on Your sacred land for these last 70 years.  Open our hearts to see the great plans You have for us as Your prophet has spoken, enough of doom and gloom but the Glory of the Lord is to shine in our day and into the future! Too long Father have we listened to false teachers in the church telling us to get ready to get out of here before we have finished our Mission is completed.  Lord, we are here to spread the Good News throughout the earth.  To take territory back that evil on has stolen and to spread to new territory until You decide to return.  We are here to occupy, increase and multiply as we wait for Your Return!

Father, we pray for all those who do not see Your Plan unfolding before us.  Lord, let the Holy Spirit bring conviction in their hearts so that they be cleansed from their sin and walk as new creatures in Yeshua.  O Lord, we pray for the leaders of all nations to truly recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and that this land is sacred to You and is not to be divided no matter what issue arise.

Let Peace reign in the hearts of Arabs as well as one another to accept that You our Master and Your Kingdom is all that we  are a part of.

Lord, what has just happened a few days ago is significant in Your Plan for us and we will see it play out in the time ahead  Let the land of Israel be sacred to us as You see it.  Bless and protect Prime Minister Netenyahu, his wife and family and all those who have been chosen to lead in the land of Israel in this hour.  That the violence and destruction that happens be stopped in the name of



Yeshua!  Lord that the Israelis and Arabs recognize one another as Yeshua has taught to love our neighbor as ourselves to live in the Peace of Jerusalem.  Father, may a great move of the Holy Spirit come upon the land of America, Israel and all who are aligned with us!  Let no one stand in the way of what You are bringing to pass according to Your Word! Thank You, Father, for all that is happening now!

Father continue to expose the corruption, the deception and falsehoods of those in positions of leadership wherever they are lurking in our cities and towns and counties and states.  Let righteousness in men and women prevail so that Justice and Mercy will be ours throughout the courts, legislation and all laws of America.  So that we in America will truly be one nation under God! Amen.


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