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We ask for Your Protection during our sacred time together to be with You and bring before You the concerns that are on hearts and may it line up with the concerns of Your Heart!  Let Your Warrior Angels defend us in our battle with the enemy!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar.  May the enemy’s camp be filled with confusion as we align ourselves with Your Plan today.  May the enemy be so badly distracted that he has no idea of what you want us to do today that will give You glory, honor and praise. May our love for You always be on our lips and that we will call on You through all our circumstances today!

Lord we want to intercede for all of our fellow soldiers in Your Amy.  We lift up to You today all of the women, young & elderly, to protect them in the battles of our day against all the sexual perversion, abuse and mockery and intimidation against all women of God who dedicate their life of service to You!  Bless all women in their valiant efforts & prayers to remain steadfast in their love for You.  We ask this in Your Son’s name!

Lord we intercede and put a shield of protection around all women in the Trump administration in whatever capacity and their duties From Press Secretary: Sarah Sanders Communications Director: Hicks, FLOTUS Melania Trump Counselor: Kellyanne Conway and all of the unnamed women who are faithful in their service to our nation!  We seek protection for our women involved in military life whether in service or as spouses. Women involved with Law Enforcement and all forms of First Responders, teachers, nurses, secretaries, business owners and all of the duties  involved with wellbeing of our youth and our homes!

Lord we intercede for all wives, mothers, daughters in the families of this nation that they are protected and realize how valuable they are to You and all men! That all men have the honor and respect and dignity for all women in our lives!  In Yeshua’s Jesus’ name Amen!

Lord we bind the Jezebel spirit that lurks and crushes the spirit of America and destroys people’s lives!  May all the deceit and lies be exposed that destroy the reputation and home life of good men and women.  All the political intrigue that is involved in good men like Judge Roy Moore and women who serve in public office also!  Lord we intercede and place a hedge of protection around all those whistle blowers in government and the entertainment industry!

Lord we repent of all the sexual abuse and perversion we have either cause in any way even in the smallest ways or our lack of standing and defending the Truth when the opportunity occurred!  Lord flush our towns, cities and countryside of all that is unholy and perverts our relationship with one another! Make us aware to live according to the sacred plan You had for us in the beginning for families and the love to be shared through men and women as helpmates to one another!  O Lord that we may live in unity under the Reign of Your Kingdom under King Jesus!

In Jesus’/Yeshua’s Name  AMEN!!!!!

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