Jun 8, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We are here to do Your Will!  We are here to give You all Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving! We are here use us as You Please Lord!  We are here to express our love for You to complete Your Love. All love needs to be completed by loving back for the love given us.  You surely have loved us first as is seen by the Great Love poured out by Your Son but we will liv!  So Father as Jesus has taught us we are here to love You with all our heart and mind and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves.   Love is our great motivator in all we do for You and for one another Through the Power of the Holy Spirit enkindle in us the Fire of Love so that like gold we will reflect Your Son and be as He has shown us to be!

Father, in these days that we see chaos and upheaval of protests and calls for Justice, give us the Discernment of the Holy Spirit!  That there will be a true separation of those who are standing for Truth from those who are deceivers and liars.  Lord, we want Justice but our Justice is based on Your Law!  The Justice that is in heaven must be ours on earth.  But first Lord bring the convicting power of the Holy Spirit upon us to see our motivation in this hour.  Are we in an hour of jealousy and covetness? Or are we really trying to change the evil in the hearts of man?  Without the Holy Spirit it cannot be done!  Lord we are here to stand in righteousness by the Blood of Jesus!  Continue to reveal those who are real and those who are fake.  May we hear the Master’s Voice in those who are walking with God and those who are just pawns of the darkness.  Lord make us more aware in this hour!

Father, we pray for a shield of protection around President Trump and those who are walking in Justice with him.  He is Your appointed agent of Justice for such a time as this.  Lord give him Wisdom of the Holy Spirit to enact his orders that are used to free us from actions of former Presidents that have hindered us and kept us captive to follow a world order that is not of You, O Lord!  Lord that he will even order that anyone involved with voter fraud will be held accountable as being treasonous.  That President Trump will continue to use Justice to drain the deep state swamp that has been choking and destroying America from within.  We pray for a protective shield around President Trump, his wife and family that in all they endure of hate and evil passions they may stand boldly with courage and love in their hearts for America and its people.  Lord, the mockery, criticism and judging whether he fits the role even as Christian must stop.. If we Your people have accepted the prophetic word of Mark Taylor and others then we repent of being in any way against him and now pledge our honor for him and support him as the one You have chosen for such a time as this.  Lord shake those who do not know, who do not see or do not hear the truth of what You have planned through this man and those who are his companions in this war for America!  Lord, we decree and declare that President Trump will remain in office and be re-elected no matter what evil forces come against him. Your Will be done here and now in America!

Father, through the authority of Jesus we break the power of the spirit of greed, jealousy and covetness of of our political process.  That righteous men and women seek to represent us in government not for power selfish gain, but live as our forefathers and mothers envisioned America to be and through our history good men and women have arisen to make America land of the free and the home of the brave.  Lord that in this election cycle we will see an overwhelming majority of American vote out the deceiver and put in the honest one.  That we will truly be a nation of law and order and

follow Your Commands.  That each of the 10 Commandments has a bearing on whether our nation is a Kingdom nation or not.  That we will not covet the blessings of another and that we repent of any actions that have been caused by jealousy or greed. That we live by strong character based on our Savior Jesus the Christ.  That is this Army claims to be Lord those who stand for truth and Justice now and for all eternity. Amen!

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