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Heavenly Father,

we come before You with repentant hearts seeking to know You and to do Your Will here in America!  We seek Your Protection from the enemy that we are taken off his radar and that Your Angelic Host confuse the enemy and his followers in all their schemes and devices to overcome America.  We are here as Your Warriors to stand in Faith against the enemy and his followers in this moment of time!

We especially pray and intercede that more Americans will awaken to what is at hand!  That the Holy Spirit is moving across the land and we will again be the shining Light on a hill for all to see! Defending the widow, orphan and the lowly!

Lord, we intercede for out brothers and sisters who have turned their hearts cold away from compassion and service!  Lord for too long people have said no to righteousness and Truth.  There is a liberal sickness that twists what it means to truly be a disciple of Yeshua the Christ!

We pray for all who have fallen for the deceit and lies of what it means to be of one mind and heart.  Lord, it is time for us to see that we have a President who truly cares for America and its people.  We intercede for him and his family and all who are with him in his agenda to make America great again as it is appointed by You, O Lord!

We know what it is to turn from sin and receive You forgiveness and be a part of Your Family in Your Kingdom!  Lord, we pray that more in America will experience the Redeeming Love our Savior and give themselves to You, Lord!

Lord, we pray to break the mental and psychological ways of those blinded by the media and all those who wrongly judge President Trump, even Christians who still drag their feet and hem and haw in judgmental ignorance.  We pray for all those who consider themselves never Trump and all those who still will not accept that he was properly elected even in spite of all the fraudulent votes!  The people of America have chosen him and now we cover him with prayer and prepare ourselves to even more to support him during the election season of 2018!

Lord, bless us with men and women willing to serve under Your banner of Righteousness and Truth!  Lord, give us discernment in awareness in who to vote for and who to reject.  It is time for Christians to realize we serve the King of Kings and He has given us authority to change and alter the course of history.  Now is our moment to spread the Kingdom in America under leadership that lives by what You taught us through the life of Yeshua!

Now, Lord we stand against the lies and deceit we are given  through the media and those who stand in the lime light thinking they know what is best for us, when in reality they live in the shadow of darkness!

We are here, Lord, to protect and defend those who serve us in the military and law enforcement

Give them Wisdom and knowledge to stop the enemy who want to destroy us and bring America down! Thank You, Lord for the efforts of good men and women battling now the various plots to stop President Trump and all he is doing for America.  We are either for him or against him and the anointing on him!  As for my house we will serve the Lord! And to follow God’s anointing!

Father again we repent  of anyway we have blocked what You are doing now for us!  We are here to proclaim America is for God! And all You have destined us to fulfill.  We pray this in Yeshua’s Name! Amen

Father, now hear the prayers of my brothers and sisters who are united right now to give You Glory & Honor & Praise.  I hand this time over to them now to continue to intercede:


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