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Father, as we pray keep us off the enemy’s radar and block any distractions he throws at us and block any disturbances he tries as we spend this sacred time with you!

Heavenly Father,

We come to you today with a repentant heart, seeking Your Forgiveness for our lack of respect through our disobedience to Your Will and Word for us!  Through the Holy Spirit we are convicted of our lack of being attentive to our calling in following Your Commands to spread the Kingdom here in our world.  Lord we want to be ready as Your Bride without spot or wrinkle living the abundant Life You have given us through Your Son Yeshua the Messiah.

Father, today we intercede for Your Church, the true called out ones, who worship You in spirit and Truth.  Lord, we cry out for true leaders in Your Church.  Who like Your servant Billy Graham and so many others that have gone before us that were living a life in humble submission to Your Will and not seeking fame and fortune but seeking to live a life of giving like Your Son, Yeshua.

Father we need leaders who are not afraid to defend the Truth of our Faith in You. Leaders who are willing to speak up about the issues of our day condemning abortion, sexual perversion in all its forms from homosexuality to child molestation and the abusive lifestyle brought on by addiction to drugs and alcohol abuse and lack of self-restraint in our relationships with one another. Father, give us more leaders who are like the Good Shepherd who gave up His Life that we might know You as ABBA –Daddy

Father, continue to show us true leaders who are willing to admit their mistakes and are willing to listen to prophetic guidance and correction so that they preach only the Good News and not just tickle our ears, but give the words that will penetrate the heart with the Sword of Faith that separates the sheep from the wolves in sheep’s clothing! Let our true leaders give You Honor, Glory, Praise and Thanksgiving instead of seeking glory for themselves or being professional business people running a fortune 500 company, but humble and contrite leaders living in the world but not of it.  True leaders who love Your Sheep and are willing to defend and protect teach and guide them through the darkness into the Light!

Father, we are thankful for those who are now stepping up to be true leaders, who search out the truth and seek to listen to the Holy Spirit and lead others to do Your Will Leaders like Coach Dave, Rusty Thomas, Mark Taylor and the men and women who are preaching and teaching the True Good News.  Leaders who do not depend on the what the government can do for them, but what Your Divine Providence bestows on them and lead others to trust in You in all things even the smallest of struggles we have in our day to day life.

Lord, we thank You for the strong leadership of those who hear Your Voice and follow Your Call to lead us in prayer, teach us to repent and stay close to the Good Shepherd and know the Holy Spirit as He Who will lead us into all Truth and show us how to become the image of Yeshua in our day!

Thank You Father for those who have the insight to see that President Trump is leader meant for our day.  Thank You for the true leaders who are willing to obey Your Word and Your Commands to fight the good fight in our day.  So, we give You all the Glory, Honor and Praise in Yeshua, Amen.

Father, now here the cry of Your Faithful Warriors as they continue to bring forth their prayers!


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