Dec 27, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You with love in our hearts and placing our will in Your Hands so that You can use us as Your Army to defend  and to spread Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven! Father we repent of anything that is in the way of our being one with You from the smallest irritation to any failing in loving our neighbor as our self.  We are here Father to be the Image of Your Son in a world filled with darkness ad intrigue from the evil that lurks to destroy Your Kingdom.  But we are confident in our waging war against the enemy for Your Son has spoke and said the gates of hell cannot prevail against that which He has established and so therefore we see it growing daily here in America and around the world and even in Your sacred land of Israel!  Praise You Father for as Your Son has said it is all for Your Glory and to be done according to Your Will!

Father, during these days we call the Christmas Season even though it is not one o Your assigned feasts it is still a sign of making the world give honor to Your Son, Yeahua.  Lord You are an awesome God for You can take something that man uses to bring false worship and turn it around to make straight crooked ways.  Lord use these days of saying Jesus the Christ to bring an awareness of Your Holy plan into our very midst from the White House to pour house!  Lord, we are in a time when the nations of the gentile will be brought into the Great Harvest and the tribe of Judah will also learn and find that the True Shepherd is Jesus the Christ!  Lord Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

During this time our brothers and sisters of the tribe of Judah celebrate the Dedication of the Temple and the miracle of the Menorrah staying lit for 8 days!  What really matters is the faithfulness to keep alive the belief in You to bring forth the Messiah.  Without holding on to You as the only God we would not have the plan that You wanted.  We thank You Father for this faithfulness to hold on to You and let no false worship over power their Faith.  Lord that is what we need today to hold on to our Faith and proclaim that Jesus is Lord  King.  That we do not be afraid to say the Truth or to be scared because it is not politically correct to give Him the honor and praise He deserves.  Lord that we might be even be more bold to show our worship of of You no matter where we are at some form of entertainment or some family gathering or fellowship that we are not here to placate others because they might be offended or hurt their feelings.  Lord that we will always be bold no matter who we are or what age we have to proclaim that Jesus is Lord and there is no other way to You, Father, but through Him and Him Alone.  As the song goes: In Christ alone!

Father, we pray for the Davidic anointing to be on our President Trump as he leads us a shepherd through this vale of tears and brings us to restful waters to be Your People who worship You in spirit and truth and we are protected to be the America You have destined us to be in this time in which You have given us.  Give President Trump and those who serve with him the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit to out wit the enemy and those who are always trying to rid him of his office which he has rightfully won under the Power of Your Right Hand. Strengthen them who are righteous to be defenders of the Truth that Justice will prevail and those who are corrupt will face the consequences of their treachery!  Lord during these days of celebrating Your Son may we see the miracles of healing and miracles of injustice stopped! To see miracles of unlikely promises being fulfilled.  Miracles of restoration and miracles of strategic intervention for all of us across the earth!

Father during these days that we celebrate the Light during these days until the new year of 2020 comes may more and more come into the Light to see Your Son as our only Hope to make the Kingdom strong and reign over all the earth!  Father that all the plots of the enemy will be brough to a screeching halt and that all of Your plans for us will be ignited and burn across our nation, America, and in Israel and all nations that call upon You and make Your Lord! Like the people in Poland, the Netherlands, England, France even into the Ukraine where Your Prophet Kim Clement proclaim the land for You.  To see Russia and other nations fall before You and proclaim Your Name over them!  O Lord in these days we rejoice for we see Your plan is unfolding now and forever!  It is so! Amen!

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