Dec 17, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come in a humble and contrite attitude, for we know that all that we are and all that we have is all because of You!  No matter what position we are in whether from being a leader or being a soldier in the trenches we are here because of You and all that we do and say is for You and we see all that happens because we obey Your Commands, You get all the Glory.  Thank You Father for calling us and creating us for such a time as this!  Your loving kindness if forever and Your Promise is true You never leave us or forsake us, even the very breath we breathe You are Present.  O Lore, You are so amazing and so awesome and yet You, the Creator of the universe, is concerned about each of us no matter where we are or in what land we are in, You are Present and it become more intense when we sin You Praise and give You Glory! Wow! God.

Father, we hear the words of Your prophets in our day.  They are those who bring us warnings bring change in our lives, to repent and make recompense and so we do our best to follow their guidance from You.  In our day too, they tells us of the Good things You have in store for us.  Not doom and gloom, but Hope that will be fulfilled by following Your Commands and to truly be defenders of the Faith so that Love will conquer and Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven! That as we choose freely to imitate Your Son we will see miracles take place in our land and in our people’s lives.  We have nothing to fear for You Right Arm  covers us and Your Heavenly Host guards us in all the attacks of those who promote evil for as Yeshuah has told us the gates of Hell will not prevail against us!

So Father, we raise our voice in prayer to speak prophetically in this hour!

As your prophet Kim Clement spoke they will yell Impeach! Impeach! But it shall not happen!

Let those who are on this path of destruction be swallowed up like You had happen in the desert with Your people who rebelled  the earth opened up and they were taken away.  Let the Hammer of Justice fall on all those who are liars and deceivers no matter what their rank or office that righteous men and women replace them as they stumble and fall.  Let the fool say in his heart there is no God and He will not deliver you from our power.  O Lord smack them now with the full force of Your Spirit to have them tremble before You!

We speak also Lord in the words of Your prophet Mark Taylor that the time is up for those who are corrupt.  May it happen now Lord that through this report that has been given that those are responsible for all the attacks against You anointed to be President of this nation be brought in to the courts of justice to make recompense and face the punishment they rightfully deserve.  Lord from the highest official in the land to all those who blindly follow them.  It makes no difference how good they look in the world’s eyes they are nothing but empty suits and clanging symbols of death.  Let them have the darkness they have chosen.  You honor our free will and so what we freely will is our outcome.  Let all who follow You be safe and those who have chosen darkness have no place to run but into utter darkness!

Father in the authority Jesus has given us we say to mountain of debt and those who have controlled money and made us captive be removed from us.  Let Your Will for us be done and that the distribution of the riches of the wicked be done now!  That those who have a humble and generous way be given the funds to proper Your people as their soul prospers.  Lord that our hearts will be generous in giving not to get but to be like You give and expect nothing in return bu that You get all the Glory and Honor for it is You who give to us so that we bless others, especially the weak and poor, the widow and the orphan!  Thank You Lord for watching over every member of this Strike Force of Prayer so that there is no debt on our shoulders, but we have the yoke of Your Son which is gentle and up lifting.  Thank You, Father for Your great care for us!

Father we speak prophetically over all those who have been abused to have lost their innocence and purity by those who groom for them for the perversion of homosexuality, transgender ism and all other forms of degradation that they be raised up out of the filth and be made whole and clean to see the beauty that You created in them and that You have made them sacred and now they are fully restored and made whole to enjoy life and life abundantly!  Thank You Father that this happening now before our very eyes.  Praise Jesus! In the unity of the Holy Spirit!  It is so Amen!

Listen to the others Lord as they bring forth their words!

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