Feb 28, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Surround us with Your Heavenly Angels to protect us and keep us safe from any interference of the enemy.  Keep us off of his radar and scramble all of his frequencies so that he has no way to distract us or cause us in any harm as we armor up and run into the battle plan You have for us today.  Lord we give You glory honor and praise for all that You are doing now in us and through us no matter how small our task is Your Will be done now in our midst and as it is in heaven.

Father, we walk away from all the distractions in our life that keeps us blinded to Your Magnificent work.  Lord, we abandon all the idols that are in our lives from the small little picky things that we like done our way and to any idol that has crept into our lives be it by the media, the entertainment world, the cares we feel frustrated by.  O Lord we cleanse our hearts by the blood of Yeshuah and open ourselves that You will have a dwelling place in our temple/our body.  As Paul has taught us we are a living sacrifice wo that You dwell in us.  Thank You, Father for the great privilege to know You are in us and that we are one in the spirit as Your family and as we also our Your Army for the Kingdom!

Father we seek the continued cleansing of the temple of America.  That our land is a dwelling place for You!  That we will drive out all the idols that have been erected over the years just as You destroyed Sodom and Gammorah from its filth.  So we ask Lord that America become a holy dwelling place for You and and that our People spread the Good News as has been our history to give to others so that true freedom and Justice will reign in the hearts of men around the world.

Father, we ask special protection for President Trump, his family and all those who are truly his friends and associates to accomplish Your Agenda here in our land of America! Lord, we know You have gifted him with Wisdom for even the choices he made to stop the talks with North Korea.  Continue to keep him ahead of his enemies.  Lord protect him from all of the latest slander and evil lies that are spoken to discredit him.  Father You know his heart and You have made him a father for this time in America to steer us in our battle to keep America as You have established it.  We are grateful to return to being the shining Light You have called us to be.  Give President Trump and those who are with him  the strength and encouragement they need in the battles they face  especially against an enemy that is so intent on destroying him and in destroying us that believe and hold on to that which is true!  Widen our vision to see that all things work together for good for those who love You and are Your disciples!

Father, we seek special protection for all those who daily put themselves in harms way to protect our children and all of us from the evil forces that around us in our nation and in the world.  May these men and women continue to be loyal and committed to keep us safe from our enemy and may they themselves have the boldness of Truth to live lives that reflect Your Glory and honor You as our only and True God!  Encourage and strengthen those who are rescuing those victims of child trafficking, sexual abuse and all other forms of perversion that have been hidden for so long.  Thank You, Father for all the exposure of the evil that has been don by those who we have trusted whether they be in government and other forms of public trust and even in our assemblies/churches.  May they face the just punishment they deserve for treasonous and seditious acts of tyranny place upon America!  Either repent  or face the consequences of their actions.  Lord strike down those who are too haughty to admit that they have done evil in Your sight and have desecrated the sacred trust of the American people.  Thank You, Lord that now is the time to begin the arrests and prosecution of those who have lied, deceived and planned to glorify themselves over us.  Lord we are ready to do our part in Your Plan to restore us and make us a holy nation, a royal priesthood, a people set apart to give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving.

Lord we seek special protection for Prime Minister Netanyahu and all the people and land of Israel that they too may live in Peace and Prosperity as You have planned for them.  May their enemies be scattered and that they will have the peace of Jerusalem reign in their land especially as they prepare for their elections.  Keep all of the deceivers and liars exposed so that their people will choose rightfully.  This land is sacred to You and we choose to stand with You, Lord!  Israel is forever!

May your special protection cover our beloved prophetic voice of Mark Taylor and all those You have anointed to speak to us of Your Plans for America and the nations of the world.  Lord Your prophets admonish us when we are have strayed from Your path, but they also inspire us with Hope and a vision of Glory for our future, which You have planned for us.  Thank You, Father!

Father, continue to hear Your Prayer Army gathered here as we bring to You all that we are concerned with for our nation, the nations of the world and our our homes and relationships of our lives.  We know You hear us for we are make our Prayer in the Name of Your Son, Yeshuah and in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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