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Heavenly Father,

We humbly come before You to ask that You release Your Warrior Angels to protect us and put Your hedge of protection around my brothers and sisters gathered here on this call! We pray that our sacred time together may be used to strengthen us in our battle with the enemy, who lurks and plots to destroy what You have established through Your Son, Yeshua-Jesus, our Lord and Savior, the Christ-Messiah! Deafen the ears of the enemy, blind the eyes of the enemy, take us off the radar of the enemy as we pray using our spiritual weapons to intercede and protect one another and all of those laboring to spread the Good News of the Kingdom!

Break our yoke with evil and anything that has allowed the enemy legal rights to access our lives and the life of our nation, America! We have united to battle all that binds us in anyway to the enemy and his kingdom of darkness!

Heavenly Father You are all powerful, mighty, majestic and all holy! We stand before Your Throne of Mercy today. We ask Your Forgiveness for ourselves, our parents, and our ancestors back to Adam for ungodly and unholy covenants, alliances, pacts, agreements, partnerships and friendships we have participated in that yoked us in a defiling way to the kingdom of darkness. Forgive us and our ancestors for opening the doors of the gates of Hell into our lives and our families’ lives.

Forgive us for opening doors through immorality, business partnerships and financial agreements. Lord, in agreement with the Blood that cancels and removes all sin, in agreement with Yeshua-Jesus the Christ and in agreement with the power of the mighty name of Jesus, we ask that all verdict, judgments, consequences, rulings and reaping effects be now nullified and cancelled—broken by the power of the sword of Your Word!

Break now, every ungodly soul tie binding us to the kingdom of darkness. Lord in Your great power break once and for all chains that bind, tether, fetter, leash and restrict us from moving out in the strength of a warrior; anything that keeps us from fulfilling the dreams You have planted in our hearts!

Loose us now in the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit! May we be firmly established in that which You have planted in our hearts. Let us stand with integrity, majesty, power and great authority in our calling to be a part of Your beautiful harvest. Lead us safely through the storms that may arise as we move into battle with You to accomplish Your Will! Amen.

(Prayer inspired from the prayer of Faith Marie Baczko)

Be Faithful Prov 3/5-6 Always!
1. don’t waiver from the call
2. no matter what circumstance one faces
3. wounded or hurt move into battle with the Lord’s strength!

It is time to prepare for New Beginnings
Gen: 1/1-6/8, Isa. 42/5-43/10; John 1/1-18 2Cor. 6/14-18
Life is in the Blood Gen. 9/4 Deut. 12/23 Lev. 17/11
Family Resemblance: God + Man
1. Creative: Life is in the tongue Prov. 15/4 and 18/21
2. Relationships Love and devotion : wife is man’s equal!
Prepare to set sail to battle on new fronts
1. Be prepared for the new Beginnings
2. We are boarding the ships now to spread the Kingdom with the Good News
3. Watch the horizon for your new assignments
4. Release the past for we are new in Yeshua-Jesus

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