Sep 25, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Because of the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus we can proudly proclaim we are Your Family and we are under Your Protective Wing.  We proudly proclaim before all the earth: We are children of the King!  We are Your Treasure!  You see in us the Image of Your Son!  Because of His Blood we are washed clean of all sin, iniquity and rebellion!  We can rightfully walk in the Courts of Heaven and from our place with Your Son seek that the Holy Angels are released to be with us in our battle to save America and any of us who are gathered in the Spirit to make other nations a part of Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, through the authority of Your Son we say to the mountain before us the mountain of debt in our nation be washed into the sea.  That the oppression of the those who control the monetary system that oppresses us and suppresses us be broken and that we see Your Monetary system of heaven take over here in America and any nation that seeks freedom from those who are trying to make us under a one world system.  Lord as You have promised that the wealth of the wicked will be placed in the hands of Your faithful stewards let it begin now and may those who have used greed, deceit and wicked plots to oppress us face the Justice You have ordained for us to live under let this unfold now in our day, so that we will give You all the Glory for the miracles You are bringing to pass!  Lord, bless and protect those prophets You have anointed for our day!  May they be blessed even closer to Your Heart to reveal to us Your Plans!

Father, we intercede for our President Trump and all those who have been raised up to help and assist him that they be protected from any of the enemy’s forces and their plots and schemes to bring him down.  May this mockery of impeachment and scandalous accusations that arise be exposed and be brought to ashes in the mouths of those who speak these words. Lord let Your Mighty Power sweep these foolish ones aside and raise up replacements of righteous men and women anointed for such a time as this!

Father continue to raise up men and women who are brave and courageous enough to expose the corruption that is rampant here in our government and even in the wolves in sheep clothing that rule and reign over your churches and their ministries.  Lord, let the Holy Spirit bring convicting power over us so that there will be a true separation of those who are truly Your disciples and those who are fake and have no depth in their commitment to You.  May Your Words be true!  Depart from me you evil doers! I never knew You!  Lord bless the true Shepherds You are bringing forth now through the movement of home gatherings and assemblies of Your people through the new ministries You are raising up in our day that truly have Jesus as the Head and not ruled by government interference or any man made entities that make the shepherd a CEO instead of one who knows Your Heart and draws closer to it.

Father expose the puppet masters that rule over our media especially that which proclaims to report the news and those who are what we call entertainers.  Lord that our culture will again be based on Freedom in Jesus Christ and live according to Your Teachings in the Scriptures.  That we will show our children a life lived according to the Love and Sacrifice we are under through Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus.  That we will instill in the children that they are indeed Your treasure to us.  That they will be raise up to know You as Father who knows them as valuable and worthy to be Your Family here on earth where You will dwell with us as You have planned from the beginning!

Father we seek a protective covering and healing on all those who have been abused and been deceived to believe false hood about their proper role and function in Your Plan.  Lord we proclaim that the only true sexuality is as You have created man and woman.  There is no other plan but Yours all else is distortion and an abomination.  There is no other marriage but between one man and one woman.  Their no such thing as gay marriage nor transgender identity or other such sexual perversion it is all in the mind of man and not the Mind of Christ.  Lord that the Holy Spirit will bring His Convicting Power over America and the earth that we will rise up and say no more we are created in the Image of our God as Your Word says we are created in the Image of You, God man and woman You created us and together we are Your Living Image here on earth!

Father we bring all our prayers and petitions to You in the Name of Your Son, Jesus in the Unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

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