May 16, 2019

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Heavenly Father,    

We enter Your Courts with praise and thanksgiving for the wondrous things You have already done for us.  With humble contrite hearts we continue to follow Your Commands and to serve You in all You ask of us this day.  We seek Your Protection from any of the enemy’s tactics to bring about the advancement of his kingdom of darkness in America and the nations of the world where believers struggle to be free to worship You in spirit and truth.  Lord keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble his frequencies and shatter all of his attempts to stop us from serving You!  May all of the anxiety, confusion and chaos, hatred and division stay in his camp and among all those who have been lured to be a part of his darkness!  Lord, let Your Light shine through us so that the enemy will run knowing our bended knee is before You as we are Your Servants willing to do all that You ask of us in our battle to win that which has been lost or stolen.  We know that victory is at hand!  To You be given all the glory & praise!

Father, this day we repent of any sin, rebellion or iniquity that we have participated in whether knowingly or unknowingly.  We know by our words of seeking forgiveness we are washed clean by the Blood of Yeshuah and can boastfully say You are our Lord and King!  You are the true God we serve, there is no other!  We do not serve the same god who calls himself, Baal, Mammon, Belial, Allah or any other name that does not glorify You as true God, the God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob who sent His Beloved Son, Yeshuah, our Messiah and Lord!  Lord we proclaim that there is no other God and all of this false drawing together into one religion is a lie from the pits of hell!  Our unity in the spirit is because of believing and receiving Your Son into our hearts, and that we are set apart by the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

Father we proclaim the words and teaching You have given us.  We call them the 10 Commandments. They are truly the way we should live and dwell together as brothers and sisters.  We know Your Son summarized them in the words: Love You with all that is within us and our neighbor as ourselves!  Lord, we seek to follow You as set apart to obey Your Commands and to teach and spread this to our children and to all who are willing to accept and become a part of Your Kingdom here on earth.  Let the gathering begin Lord here in America and spread throughout the whole earth.  Fill us with the Fire of Your Love so that we will stand firm and committed to bring a change into the morality of our nation.

We proclaim that the morality in America will change.  We proclaim a respect and honor for one another male and female as You have planned us to be and Yeshuah has shown us how to be holy as You are holy!  We proclaim that we will continue to see change and a return to righteousness and truth.  That our nation will serve You and we stand with any believers fighting to make their nation to be a Kingdom nation.  We stand with all of our brothers and sisters who are a part of this Strike Force of Prayer from around the world that they too in lifting up their prayers will see a change in their nations as we see!

Lord, we renounce all witchcraft, divination, all forms of evil allurements away from true worship of you.  We seek the destruction and abolishment of such practices in our midst. We know the struggle of good and evil in our land and how compromise and what we call political correctness and fear of hurting another’s feelings has brought us to the edge of darkness.  We are here to proclaim the truth and to voice what is right for our nation, our families, our children and all those who adhere to the Love of You in Your Son’s Name!

Lord we seek Justice to prevail in our land!  May all those who have lied, deceived and fraudulently taken positions of authority over us now face the consequences of this treasonous and seditious activity.  Continue Lord to wake Americans and people of other nations to see the struggle we are in to make the world come under the poser of Satan in a one world religion and government control by the use of keeping us ignorant and deceived about what is going on behind closed doors of those who have given themselves to this Luciferian plan!  Lord, hear us as we proclaim Your Truth that Jesus is Lord! Amen!

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