Sep 11, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You as Your Prayer Warriors fully armored and hearts set on fulfilling all Your Commands and Strategies for this day.  Let Your Holy Angels surround us with a protection from any of the fiery darts of the enemy.  Keep his radar scramble and his frequencies so that we may clearly hear Your Voice and be attentive to what is on Your heart today.  We raise our prayers that they will be in full accord with Your Holy Will for us.  We are here Father to proclaim the prophetic words we have heard so that Your will be done here in our land and throughout the earth.

Father as Your prophet has spoken that those who are corrupt their time is up!  We proclaim it over our entire Judicial system.  That those judges who are corrupted by the bribe and other political correctness pressure and compromised in their decisions be immediately removed from the bench.  No matter what the turmoil or chaos is expressed that true Justice be returned>  That we see our Judges no longer make up laws but that they make decisions according to the rule of law and follow our Constitution and other legal proceedings that protect the innocent and bring the criminal and evil perpetrators to face the punishment they rightfully deserve!

Father as You have given the word to Mark Taylor about the appointment of Supreme Court Justices may it continue to come to pass.  Lord Your Kingdom is established on Justice so let that be true among us Your Kingdom people! That we will see the swift removal of those who block righteousness in the land be removed swiftly and properly.  That President Trump have Holy Spirit Wisdom to appoint the proper men and women You have planned for us.  That there will be no disruption in these appointments.  That the enemy forces fall flat on their faces and that all of their plots, schemes and trickery be brought to naught.  Lord, we say enough of all this hassle from all those who are disciples of death and destruction that goodness and truth prevail in all the process of change. Father, You have given us a word that Roe verses Wade will be overturned so we proclaim that the Justices that are needed to be appointed to bring that about be done now.  We know it is all for Your Glory and the time of Your Kingdom to dominate our land and throughout the earth!

Lord, we Your set apart ones in this Army of Yours want our hearts united to Yours and that we also pray that all of our judges (local, county, state, Federal, Circuit, Appellate, and Supreme Courts) have the heart of God and heart for the rule of law and surrender to God as the Supreme Judge!  That the courts of heaven will oversee our Justice in our courts.  That the captive will be set free and the broken hearted will be restored 7 fold through Justice and Mercy as You have told us to live through the Torah, which is Your Guidelines to live with You in our midst as You have wanted it from the beginning.  Lord, just as You instructed Your Servant Moses to give a structure to live before You, so we too now even more intimately because of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus are here to fulfill Your Commands so that we may live in Peace and Harmony not as the world says but as Your Son has shown us.

Father, in the authority of Your Son we come against all spiritual wickedness in high places and that any judge who is a part of it be exposed and deposed from the bench. Lord that they be replace by righteous men and women who judge rightly and be fair and balance in all the decisions that they make.  That the Holy Spirit be their very source of guidance and that that they are protected by the Blood of Jesus!  That they be protected from any attacks of the enemy through written words in the magazines and papers, or from the media, social media and any from the entertainment media.  That each of these be shown as the folly they are.  That their words fall on deaf ears and that their influence comes to an end now as more and more of Americans wake up to see clearly what has happened because of our quietly allowing the Scriptures and true morality to break down by allowing silence  and fear muzzle out voice and say Faith has nothing to do with politics.  Lord forgive us for not following the example of Your Son who took the Truth to the very rulers of His day and began a transition in our world that will last until the end of time and Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven!  So be it now and forever Amen!

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