Feb 23, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

We give thanks to You for Your Loving Kindness endures forever. And let America know and realize Your loving Kindness endures forever.  Yes Father even in times like these when we face turmoil and division.  It is You who have given us the Holy Spirit who reveals all truth to us and gives great understanding of what Your Son Yeshuah has said and done for us!  We know that in our distress or in moments of fear or challenge we can call out to You and You hear us and through Your loving Kindness give us all we need and  release Your Heavenly Host to protect us from all attacks of the enemy and bring forth Justice to rule in our land and bring to us those You have anointed to lead us in such a time as this!

Father, in this hour we cry out to You to raise up those who are strong in their spirit and have the spine to turn away the jackals that have taken over the land.  As Your holy prophets have spoken this charade will soon come tumbling down especially in these days we are in.  Father we seek the Hammer of Justice to fall on all those who have betrayed, lied and cheated and stolen from We the People who have overwhelmingly shown our choosing Donald J Trump to be President for 4 more years. Lord, in this time the enemy censures us when even we pray to have Your Will fulfilled in our land as You have promised!  But Lord they will not stop us or defeat us for they are really the defeated ones. Now, is the time to bring to swift conclusion that all the corrupt as they are exposed  to fall in shame for the arrogance they have show in claiming they won when in reality they only hide the truth and run from those who are the real followers of You and what You have planned for us!

As the Psalmist proclaims it is better to trust in You at all times even as the enemy surrounds us and shouts out their lies and rules to crush us and our American way that is founded on Your Word and expressed in our sacred documents of our covenant with You and with one another as expressed in our Constitution.  Lord our founding fathers and mothers were as loyal to You and Your Word and Your Savior Jesus the Christ as could be in their day.  So, Father we are proud of our heritage and proud to say that Jesus is Lord and King over us and our nation is a nation of Your Kingdom!  So Lord we can say You are our Portion and Inheritance and we have nothing to fear for the enemy cannot take away what the Spirit has revealed we are Yours and we are loyal to Your loving kindness in all we do and say!

Father, we ask for more of the Discernment that the Holy Spirit can give us so that we follow those You have anointed for such a time as this. That we will know the true prophets from You and honor and protect them.  Let any who criticize and mock or ridicule Your prophets fall to the side and remain in the dust!  Father, we are so grateful for You have great plans for us and Your prophets point the way in which we should walk

looking only at You and not be distracted to look to the left or the right.  Our focus is on You Father! For we know that the Promises You make You keep.  Father our enemies persecute us wrongly, but because of our faithfulness to Your Word we are made whole and they fall into the pit they have dug for us. Now Lord, bring the evil ones down from their towers and be ground into dust before Your Justice and Truth!  America is Yours, Father so here we are use us to keep Your Kingdom growing here and around the earth. We pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus the Christ! Amen!

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