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Heavenly Father,

Set Your Shield of Protection around us as we bring to You our plans to bring America fully under Your Kingdom, from border to border and sea to shining sea!  Lord, take us off the enemy’s radar and any of his devices and schemes to disrupt our sacred time with You!  Put all of my brothers and sisters on this call under the Shadow of Your Wings!

Father in Your Word it says, “Children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.” Psalm 127:3.   Having and bearing children is a sacred honor! Children are a delight to carry on the Family as You established it in the beginning!  Lord, renew in us the calling to pass on to our children the gift of Salvation that You gave us through Yeshua, Your Son!

How foolish we have become to not fully protect the unborn!  But now you have raised up a President who wants Life protected and our laws changed!  Thank You! That You have raised up men and women who will stand for Life and will voice a call to stop Abortion and any funding or support of the lies about women’s health and her rights over her body!  Continue to put pressure on those who are for death over Life!  Bless and Protect all the men and women like Coach Dave Daubenmire, Rusty Thomas, the men and women of Rescue America, Father Frank Pavone, Alveda King and all the others willing to protest and speak for the unborn!  We are in agreement Lord it is time to reverse Roe v. Wade and all the other insane laws that bring about blood sacrifice of our children!  No more to this horror!

Awaken more men and women who are willing to adopt and foster the care  and nurture the children with true parental love and protection!  Lord these unborn are not just extra tissue in a woman’s body, but the Gift of Life!  Lord forgive us for making the woman’s womb the battle ground for Life!  To make the womb a tomb instead of a canal of Life as You planned it!  Awaken us, Lord, that children are our future of America!  All children are here for Kingdom of God to expand and spread Your Love to all that walk this land!

Lord, we see that even when Yeshua was tired or weary He wanted the children near Him, so He could bless them and teach them to call our God, ABBA/Daddy! That Our Father has great plans for us and wants us to share His Life with us! All of us are truly His children as we accept Yeshua as Messiah!

Lord, make us aware to disciple the children in Your Ways.  Raise up men and women who will gladly teach and instruct our children in the ways of the Lord!  How to truly live as brothers and sisters in one nation under God with liberty and Justice for all!

Father, we repent of all the abuse and perversion that has robbed the innocence of our children!  Lord, bring down all the pedophilia and filth that has pervaded even the very halls of our government and leaders whom we have trusted and yet have deceived us.  Give our Attorney General and all those who are to administer Justice the true willingness to prosecute and put a stop to the injustice raged against our children!  Bring a stop to all funding of Abortion and all the lies of Planned Parenthood and other organizations that our caught up in crimes against our children!  We decree: No More!  A Stop to it now in Yeshua’s Name!

O God, no more perverted flights to lands and islands of lust and sexual perversion that enslaves our children or those who have captured them and sold them into slavery for the lusts of the flesh of man!  Bring it down Lord!

Lord, hear the cry of Your People and these Your Warriors as we are willing to do all we can to save the children from drug trafficking and all forms of perversion!  As our President and his family and those around him show: Children are a blessing from the You, Father!  And we speak and Declare Life over America!

Lord, continue to hear the voice of my brothers and sisters as they voice their intercession before You now.


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