Jun 25, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We seek protection for all that You have anointed to have lead us during these rebellious times. We pledge our support and honor for those You have given us from President Trump to all those who lead us from the White House to our own house our fathers and mothers who truly are doing their best to raise their families according to Your Holy Word.  Father, we seek to live in righteousness and to be a nation under Justice and respect for law and order just as Your Kingdom is established.  What You want for us we are here to be in harmony with Your Commands!  Father we approach Your with grateful hearts for all You have given us through Your Son, Jesus the Christ who by His shed Blood on

the Cross has washed clean of all sin and has shown us how valuable we are to You.  Our awesome and wondrous God creator of the universe and all creation is personal to us! You have revealed Your heart to us and we are here to love You in return and cherish Your tender mercies toward us!

Father, in the Mighty Name of Jesus the Christ we declare and decree that we are set free from any discord or strife brought to us from the enemy and all those who live in darkness and chosen to worship this false god over You the True and Only God!  We are grateful and thankful for the uniqueness You have created in each of us and that You have given each of us talents and anointings that You are using to make us truly a nation under Your Rule!  Lord, the more we are content with what You have given us the more we are in harmony with You.  Father through the convicting power of the Holy Spirit we repent of any jealousy or discontentment or false pride in us so that we can live in harmony with one another.  Your have created each of us the way You have so that no skin color or birth right or sex or ethnic makes us better than any other.   We are Your children and we all matter to You.  Lord we proclaim over the shouts of the enemy that we are free in Christ Jesus and no one is better than each of us and we are no better than anyone else.  O Lord, that as a nation we will examine our own hearts to weed out any prejudice or  preference over another for we are one in Christ Jesus

there is no longer distinctions between us for we are one in the Spirit and one in Faith in You Lord God!

Father, we pray for Justice and Mercy to rule our land , our cities, our communities. Lord that Your people will truly voice and cry out against injustice and any law or anyone who leads by deceit and prejudice be taken from office on any level of government.  That more righteous men and women will arise to take the yoke of leadership in our day.  Lord we seek the impeachment of those who have taken the bribe, who have betrayed us or have used treason to bring about selfish gain.  Lord continue to use those who are exposing the truth from the lie and bless them with protection and a boldness of courage in all that they do.  Lord, guide us to protect our rights as American to use our vote to bring about the change we need to return us to the heritage we have in Faith from our founding fathers and mothers, who were even willing to sacrifice their lives and their sacred honor so that we could be free from the tyranny of control and deceitful ways of those who have been a part of the one world order and government.  As Your prophet has said it is the end of the corrupt so we prophetically proclaim that this will come to pass and those who have been anointed to bring it to pass will see and follow You the Lord of Lords and King of kings!  Jesus is Lord!

Father, we bless Your holy Name and thank You for all that You have been doing through these faithful prayer warriors.  The prayers are that lifted up each day to You hear and answer in Your tender mercy and we will see more and more miracles of healing and the transformation of lives from death to life! For we have a Hope and spark of Love in us that no one can take from us or put out! We give You all the glory, honor and praise in Jesus Name! Amen

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