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Heavenly Father,

We come before You in repentance and humility as we recognize we have nothing without You, but with You all things are possible!  Father release Your Warrior Angels to protect us from all the plans of the enemy.  Silence their hearing of our prayers and battle plans as we spend this time with You!  Keep our words and prayers under the scope of their radar so that all we bring to You is only for Your Ears.  Let no distraction or disturbance of the enemy interrupt our sacred time with You!  Let the shield of Faith protect us from any of the fiery darts of the enemy! We are here in unity of Spirit as Your Army battles the darkness!

Father, we seek Justice, Justice, Justice!  Justice must prevail in our United States of America if we truly walk in the footsteps of Your Son, Jesus!  It is by Justice that we can live together as brothers and sisters in Your Kingdom, here on earth!

Lord we seek Justice for the unborn!  We recognize children are a gift from you!  Only in Justice can we protect the unborn!  We are here Father committed to over turn the unjust ruling that allows abortion as the right of a woman to do what she wants with her body.  A woman’s body is a sacred temple created by You! And as followers of Jeshua we no right to destroy our temple! Your Word tells us our bodies are sacred temples of the Spirit and we are to honor and respect our bodies here in Your Kingdom!

We rebuke and declare the unjust ruling of Roe v. Wade be made null and void!  That all life is sacred and that all manner of death be brought into the Light so that Your people will demand this wrong decision be overturned by righteous judges who stand for life!  That the womb will become  again a sacred safe place of life and every child be given an opportunity to fulfill the destiny You have planned for them!  That this coming generation have sacred space to be  shining in the Light for a bright future for America!

Father we seek justice on our court system to protect and unify the natural family as You have designed from the beginning: 1 man + 1 woman banned together to increase and multiply Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven!

Father we seek Justice in our government! That all levels of our government be controlled by and for the people of America!  That all laws and rulings be based on our Constitution and the bill of Rights!  There is no other standard than these docuents we live by and cherish!  Father we stand and rebuke all judges who are prejudiced in cases throughout our legal system that have turned to an attitude that are not according to our foundng fathers and their hope and dreams and prayers for this land!

We say Stop! The uses of sharia law or any other law or  cultural  attitude that is not in accord with Your Holy Word in the Sacred Scriptures!

We rebuke any influence of evil men and women who falsify and distort our court system

by saying sexual perversion  is allowable by our Constitution!  We say No more trnsgender rulings. No more homosexual marriage! No more pedophilia, no more sex trafficing.  That our rightful laws which protect us be properly enforced by unbiased and righteous judges and proper legitimate, honest law enforcement personnel!  As You told the children of Israel who were about to enter the promised land that they seek Justice as the true means of enjoying life abundantly!  We  want that now in our land so that we can live in brother and sister unity!

By pursing Justice we will be a united and holy nation, with a Holy God as our source of blessings for all who live here in this sacred land! Thank You, Father for making us aware of what we have been given, so we seek a Justice that will protect and guide this nation to live under Your Rule!

We pray in the Name of Yeshua, the Lord Jesus the Christ!  Amen!


The pursuit of Justice to save our sacred United States of America!

Keeping the Nation holy

Trusting God for Victory!

1.Faith is a sign of trusting Him in everything!

2.childlike trust by placing your hand in His!Trust leads to Hope for the future!

When Trump was elected we hoped God would allow it and It happened!

Seeking Justice!

right judges will be unbiased

be wise in making a correct call

mo corruption to get proper authority

Justice must destroy evil!  Like Planned Parent

Respect our Laws!

Lawlessness abounds

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