Apr 13, 2021 | Prayers

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Ponder Point:

This is a time of separation, a time to weed out the cowardly and those who

are not willing or fit to run into the Battle!

This Army is formed like Gideon, weeding out those who are not willing to

be a part of the fight!  It is not the numbers it it the quality of the

fighters that matters.  For instance the last cut of Gideon’s army was

at the waters edge between those who lost their view of what lies

ahead in slurping up the water, from those on one knee watching what

is coming!

We are in call to action.  The Battle is not over yet!  But we have to be

Committed!  Remember Love is action not just a cozy feeling!

The call to prayer: Shofar!

Heavenly Father,

here we are Your Army ready to do our part in this Battle against the enemy Use us Lord as You see fit!  We have put on the full armor and so we are ready to brandish the sword of Faith and use our shield of Faith to stop the fiery darts of the enemy!  Release Your Heavenly Host to surround us so that we are prepared for any of the enemy’s tactics and the only voice we hear is Your Voice and to follow Your every Command!

First of all Father we thank You for the power of the Blood of Yeshuah that is stronger and more powerful than any witchcraft and other occult practices!  We come before You, Father covered by the Blood of Jesus and proclaim death and destruction to all the worldwide systems of evil seeking to take over America and the other nations who call upon You!

Let the occult shields of protection and the strongholds of witchcraft be taken away form everyone involved in theft fraud and corruption especiaaly those who follow the demonic activity in any political party and let those in offic now who are there falsely be more openly revealed and expose their hidden agendas now so that exposed by the Light they will be blinded and destroy themselves and their plots and schemes that total confusion be in their midst.  So now let us see how they turn on one another, screaming and yelling because of their own hypocrisy and lies.  May they be in news media in such a way that only Truth will prevail!

Let witchcraft manipulation be brought to an end that is over the Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Justice and


over the state executives, courts and legislatures and over election integrity. It stops now for the Blood of Jesus reigns over America!

Lord let all of this nonsense of taking away our rights as is outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights be brought to sudden close like all of these so-called executive orders by the fraudulant clown that is called president. Now Lord is the time to bring back our duly elected President—President Trump!  We proclaim the jackals and betrayers are removed now and Your anointed is  back!

Lord, as Joshua and Caleb proclaimed to the Hebrews who were intimidated by the giants, we say to all who are intimidated and scared into submission by today’s not rebel against the Lord and do not be afraid of the people in the land, because we will devour them..their protection is gone! But the Lord is with us so do not be afraid of them!  For our God will prevail and what He has promised is coming to pass even as we are praying!

Father, today also is a day among Your Hebrew children that is a day of special remembrance of the tragedy of the Holocaust.  The terrible time of the attempt to wipe out all of the Hebrews from the face of the earth but now on this day we stand with them as our brothers and sisters of the one true God, You Lord and say we will not forget and we pray for the great wound that this brought upon mankind.  We pray that the Blood of Yeshuah washes us clean and that one day soon we will be united with them in worship and praise of Yeshuah as Messiah and that we will rejoice before Your Throne that Your Will reigns over all of us forever and ever. Amen and Alleluia!

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