Jan 7, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

We give You thanks and praise for all that You are doing in this time of trouble for us here in America! We remain firm and grounded in Your Word! What You have spoken through Your prophetic voice of Mark Taylor and others we know will come to pass. In this hour You have exposed the cowardly, the betrayers, the liars, the murderers, the unbelievers, the sorcerers, the immoral and the idolaters that will fall and be brought to Justice! Lord, You have heard our cry and You have seen our acts of repentance and intercession during this time. In Faith we look to You to bring forth the Victory You have spoken into our hearts. We walk by Faith and not by sight or feelings! We stand believing and awaiting the fulfillment of Your Word! It shall be and no other way but Yours!

Father we continue our intercession for President Trump who feels the pain of betrayal from those he has placed his trust in. Yet Lord, this is a time when he turns to You for the solace he needs and trust in you he needs in this hour! Lord God let the righteous arise who will make the changes and do the acts that will over throw this debacle of those who hate against those who believe and stand firm in Your Word. Let the Holy Spirit bring him such comfort and direction that he will walk in the victory You have planed for him. We cover President Trump with our faith and love. You always have great timing Lord and now is that time to shine forth Your Glory and raise up the men and women who will turn this around to shine the Light in the darkness and bring about Your Plan as spoken 4 more years for President Trump. As for me and my household we stand firm with You Lord and await the moment that this is turned around that our enemy has entered one way but will be scattered 7 ways!

Father You rule in Justice and Mercy so Your thoughts are not our thoughts and Your ways are not our ways, so we stand in patient awe to show us the way I these days when it looks as if the enemy has won and their fury is spoken loudly against us through them media and all forms of communication saying what You Promised is not to be in their plans and ways. We may look foolish to them but their shame is son to be upon them for they know not the hour in which You will manifest Your Power and Might as the corrupt are exposed to be crushed by the Hammer of Justice!

In the authority of Your Son, Yeshuah we bind the wicked spirits that hover over our nation and express themselves through the betrayal and treason that we see especially in the capital of America in DC! Lord God release Your Heavenly Host in this hour to bring about the victory You have spoken and it will not become void nor will it be lost because men say it is not to be so! Yes, Lord it is the hour to manifest Your Will now as we stand believing and knowing the fight is not over for evil is not the winner as it walks in arrogance and smugness that it has over come! No Lord, it is not so! The Kingdom will prevail and the gates of hell will not! So we stand right this moment victory is ours in Jesus wonderful and powerful Name now and forever Amen!

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