Sep 14, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Today for many is a sad day of memory of what happened 19 years ago. Let Your Holy Spirit comfort the sorrowful as we cover them in prayer. Father in Your Mercy bring healing into the souls of all those who carry the scars of this day. As we stand with the President and the First Lady in remembrance of this day we know that we serve and love a God who is Just and only You, Lord have the power to avenge against those who commit evil. Yet, You have raised up righteous men and women who now stand to defend America against all of its enemies as even to this day we those who are enemies to America even here in the land. Continue to expose the enemy so that it can be rooted out and be brought to Justice and America can proclaim Jesus the Christ is Lord and we follow no other religious or political way than that which we have inherited from our founding fathers and others this land is free under the Banner of Jesus the Christ and no other way matters to us but You Lord!

Father we do repent where we failed to voice to speak up against those who have undermined Your Commandments. Foolish Supreme Court Justices that have taken down the moral wall that has been the protection of America and has kept Your Blessing in our midst. Forgive us for not speaking out when they took down the 10 Commandments and took prayer out of school and allowing abortion to be a part of women’s rights and making a desecration of marriage to be now a part of the confusion amongst our children to question if they are male or female. Father we plead the Blood of Jesus over this nation to wipe it clean of these curses placed upon ourselves because we did not speak up with our authority against this evil.. But now Lord Your People are becoming stronger day by day as we repent and fast and pray to overturn these abominations ruling in our land. Thank You for giving us President Trump and all those who work with him to bring America back to being under You God and proclaiming in You we trust! Thank You, Father that Justice matters and law and order is to be restored because we Your People cry out for it and will do our part to make sure it happens!

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