Oct 19, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

we are here in Your Heavenly Court to seek a release of Your Holy Fire on our Nation to weed out and destroy the temples, altars and idols of evil that have infiltrated our nation. We stand before You in humble repentance for allowing this beak our covenant with You. We seek a breaking of all legal ties that the enemy has with us a complete decree of divorce from all ties with the enemy that we have either voluntarily or unknowingly been involved with. We seek a complete return to the covenant that was originally made to make America a land dedicated to You through Your Son, Jesus the Christ! In this moment that we are gathered here before You we give You our hearts and total commitment to You now. Lord, as this nation goes to the polls we commit ourselves to vote for Life and Righteousness through out the nation that only those You have shown us to be anointed for such a time as this to hold office now! Lord, we proclaim America is land for Your Kingdom and we want it ruled by those You have chosen for this hour! May You receive all the honor and thanksgiving for Your Holy Spirit moving across the land to bring an overwhelming victory for Your anointed! Praise You God for the victory is at hand!

Father, during this time we are so grateful for the words that have been given to us by Your Prophets of this day that we will see a return to righteousness and law and order will be ours and those who interfere with You plans for us will be brought to shame and will face the Hammer of Justice to strike down any of their plots and schemes. Lord thank You for making more and more Americans aware of the evil that has held us captive for so long and the exposition of the liars and deceivers who have betrayed our trust. Lord, we are so grateful for what is coming with a tsunami of overwhelming decisions for a Red America, a land washed in the Blood of Yeshuah and setting us free to speak clearly the Truth and live in harmony with one another without any malice by race, color or other differences that we are one nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all!

Father in the authority given to us by Your Son, Yeshuah, we bind the strong man and all those who have chosen to betray and teach hate of our nation that they be brought before the Tribunal of Justice and face all the consequences of their actions! Lord let You Holy Fire burn and consume all that they use as resources to fulfill their schemes. Let that Fire burn to ashes all their hopes and dreams of having their way of controlling us and making us slaves of a master plan of evil! That all of their hidden agendas and places of hiding be burned to ashes! That the Light blinds them from finding their way and they fall into the pit that they have dug for us. Like Haman of old may the gallows they have prepared for us be their own destruction and punishment they receive!

Father we seek that the Holy Spirit blow a mighty rushing wind on all those who stand for righteousness and Justice move swiftly now to fulfill the agenda that President Trump has in place to bring down the deep state and all of the those who have been attempting to bring a coup in our land! Lord, this is that time for us to see the corrupt receive their just deserts! Father, we are here as Your Army to do our part in these days of our elections. We will run to the front lines to cover our votes and to ensure that law and order are our main concern and that we will see that peace and harmony reign in our land again! We are here Lord to do our part both in these moments of prayer and intercession but also by taking steps of action to fulfill our high calling as a nation, a holy people set apart to do Your

Will! As Your Son taught us that it be here on earth as it is in heaven. That we are here Lord to make a dwelling place for You to be with us now and forever. Amen!

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