Apr 20, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Again we come to You with humble, contrite hearts!  Protect us, Father with release of Your Heavenly Host who will crush the enemy and all of his forces!  Lord, keep us off the enemy’s radar and keep us  hidden so that he does not the plans You have for us.  Keep the enemy distracted with those things that do matter to You!  Keep us focused on the battle plan You have for us.  Keep Hope alive in us as we march into new territory today as we kick the devil’s butt!  Now let Your banner wave above us to show You are our King of Kings and Lord of lords.

Father with the authority that Your Son, Yeshua has given us, like Moses of old we stretch our arms over the sea that blocks from advancing we say clear a path for us!  The sea will open up and we will race into the battle know our God is with us and the Kingdom of God is continuing to advance!

Father with every victory  You open up before us allow Your wrath to burn up those who are enemies of America and Your land of Israel. Let those who foolishly believe and have no respect for what You do for us and the plans You have for us receive what they justly deserve!  Your Army continues to march forward!

Father let Your Mighty Wind blow against the evil forces that are trying to destroy America and Israel be broken and loose all financial support that keeps them moving.  Protect Your anointed President Trump, his family and all those who serve with him and the leaders of Israel also!  We set up a shield of prayer to cover them all from any attacks of the enemy.

Father, let Your wrath fall on those who are in Church leadership that are falsely teaching doom and gloom and proclaim a gospel of fearful rapture as a means of escaping from the mission You gave us!  We are here as Your Army that using the Sword of Truth will slay the serpent of deception and the snake of fear and a lying tongue.  Lord raise up holy men, women and youth who will lead Your church to fulfill the mission You gave us!

Father, release Your wrath on all those who lead and hold Your people in captivity to sin through their promotion of sexual perversion in all its forms from homosexuality to every form of abuse and perversion.  Hold back the tide of abortion, hate, resentment, lawlessness that leads to death and self-destruction. Let all of this die at the foot of Your Cross and keep us free to worship You in spirit and truth.

Father let Your Mighty Wind blow through the halls of Congress, the Senate and Israel’s Knesset  separating the wheat from the chaff.  Make these officials so aware of Your awesome power that they either change or leave office quickly!  Father the storm that You have brought into their midst be resolved by cleansing and purifying our government here in America and Israel  All the judicial tyranny and false accusations be over turned and rest on those who have lied to us and deceived us.  Let wrath touch those who refuse to repent and change their ways now so that Justice will be our rule of law.

Father, we repent of any way we have supported or blindly trusted any of this evil that has befallen on our land here and in Israel. Lord, the coup that was plotted against Your anointed President Trump be exposed and completely crushed by righteous men and women who lead us!  Lord, continue to reveal every area that needs cleansing.  Shine Your Light into the dark crevices  where evil lurks so that we are aware  and fight against it!

Father today we put on the full armor of Christ and stand against all of the witchcraft that has chosen this day to curse all that is good in our land.  May that darkness be burned up by the Light of Yeshua.  Today let all warlocks and witches know that their time has come either repent or feel the wrath of God in your very spirit and bones.  Lord, we Your Soldiers of Light by the authority of Yeshua speak all demons go and leave our land of America and Israel.

Father, we also give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving as we celebrate 70 years of Israel return to freedom.  Let the people of Israel soon look to Yeshua as the Messiah and dance in Jerusalem as You have said it would be!  We pray in Yeshua’s name. Amen



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