Dec 13, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You as Your children because of our Faith in Yeshua the Christ, Your Son and our brother now!  Your Son told us anything we ask in His Name You will grant to us and so we come boldly and childlike to place before You our concerns and ask that they be aligned with what is on Your heart for us and America.  We know that anything You bestow on us as an answer is solely to glorify You!  We trust You, Father, with all of hearts, minds and soul, our very being, in thanksgiving for all that You have done and are doing now in our lives!

During these moments with You, DADDY GOD, we seek Your protection under the shadow of Your Wings so that we are taken off the radar of the enemy and that all of his frequencies are scrambled and he hears none of our conversation with You!  Protect us from any interference in our call meeting from technology or anyone who would use tactics to stop or hinder us in these sacred moments of prayer before Your Throne.  Thank You, Father for putting Your Holy Angels around us to fend off any attack of the enemy and to keep chaos, anxiety, confusion and any other distraction in his camp and not in the camp of this Your Strike Force of Prayer Army!

Father, we seek release for America and its people  from all shame that we feel or sense in our spirit from our own lives but also from the generations of the past all the way to Adam and his beginning of living and hiding from You because of the shame of sin that he brought on us.  Lord, release from any burden we may carry from our sinful past and that of the generations before us.  Lord, we have been washed clean by the Blood of Yeshua the Christ so our past is forgiven, but help us to alter our thinking and to see ourselves in the Light that we are a new creation in Christ now and our fully a part of Your Family and we can walk with our head up as a member of Your Kingdom Army to serve You and spread the Good News taking back all that has been stolen or destroyed from our inheritance!  That which we have is all Yours and we are now completely dependent on You as our Divine Source of Providence!

Father, we want our President Trump and his family all of his children released from any shame that is in their family blood line so that they can truly serve America as a family as an example for us to imitate because of Faith in Yeshua the Christ that each of them will have and experience of knowing the meaning of forgiveness of sin and all the past generational curses that our on them which they may not even be aware of.  So we cover them in the Name of Yeshua the Christ so that they are protected from all the attacks of the enemy and all of the foolish words of impeachment and other false accusations to try to remove him and disrespect shown towards him and his family so that they may truly be in the leadership role You have anointed them and assigned them to follow!

Father, we seek the removal of the spirit of shame from the White House to our own house! We know Father because of Your Son we now are to live lives without guilt, shame, embarrassment, or condemnation for the Son has set us free and we are free indeed.  Whatever the enemy throw at us from our past we have been set free and so now our past is now a witness of the great Grace and Mercy You have given us!  No matter what our sinful past includes from sexual sins of all kinds, even abortion to the darkest memories of the past from our time into the past generations.  We are now free from it and give us the courage to proclaim loudly that we are free in Christ!

Whatever the media and those who side with darkness of the enemy to make us feel as if are wrong or foolish to proclaim the Good News in our day and time that they feel the convicting power of the Holy Spirit as we did to to turn from their wicked ways and bow before You so that they may walk out of darkness into the Light IF they are willing!

Father bring back to America the kind of pride in who we are in Christ so that we can turn  the forces of evil from globalism to all the isms that make us slaves of Satan, turning  and restoring us to the covenant that our founding fathers and mothers made with You when they established America to be a land free to worship You without any government interference or any tyrannical influence over us.  Thank Your Father that You have heard the cry of Your People and we are on that path to correct, renew and restore what You have destined America to be.  We are here now proclaiming and decreeing that Your Plan for America is our Plan.  Your Kingdom come, Your Will be  done here and throughout the earth in Yeshua the Christ’ Name Amen!

Thank You Father for Your Love and Mercy on us and Your Son, Yeshua our Christ and in the Unity of the Holy Spirit our best friend in such a time as this! Amen!



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