Dec 5, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You in a spirit of repentance for all that defiles us and makes us less than we are in Your Eyes.  Lord, we ask You to strip us of all that keeps us from giving You all them glory.  Reveal to us, Father, the areas of our lives in which You want us purified so that our worship will be in spirit and truth.  Father, we want to be as Your Son a spotless lamb to be used to spread Your Kingdom and to give to others what You have given us Mercy and Forgiveness according to the Justice You have given us through Your Son, Yeshua, our Redeemer!

Father, we are here under the Shadow of Your Wing.  Keep us protected off of the enemy’s radar.  Let Your Holy Angels protect us from all the snares and traps of the evil forces.  Lord, You clothe us in Your Righteousness and the armor of Faith giving us authority and weapons to bring down the strongholds of the enemy in our land of America and to encourage and strengthen other nations to take up the Sword of Freedom to be set free  from any form of tyranny, despotism, or any government that is based on crime, bribery and deceit.  Your desire is for us to be free in Faith.  We know that it is in Christ Jesus that we are set free and made a new creation by being born again in the spirit, all because of Yeshua has done for us.  We believe, we place our trust in You, Father, so that we live by what we proclaim in Yeshua’s name. Amen!

Father, we want to rid our land of idol worship.  The false gods that are allowed to exist through false religions that we have compromised with.  We stand against them and all the false idols that are given us through the media of entertainment.  Lord we repent of any attachment or favoritism toward certain ones who hold sway through popularity and false promotion through movies, tv, and other forms of media coverage. We repent of favoritism even in our own families, jobs and other relationships for we have seen the destruction it causes through jealousy, competition,comparisons, anger, resentment and even physical violence.  Lord that we may learn You Ways of Favor as You are with us.

Father as this is a season of Chanukah, the Feast of Lights, let our Light so shine before men so that the innocent, the poor, the needy and the downtrodden are uplifted into Your Loving Care through our generous service and giving and may we proclaim that we will not let the Light go out!

Father, let the shine on the darkness around us in the leadership both in our assemblies of worship and in the government.  May those who are anointed to lead us like President Trump truly lead our land into righteousness and Justice.  Separate the liars and deceivers of our time from those who You want to lead us.   That these evil deceivers will know that their day of rule is over based on the prophetic word: that 2 will be take and 3 will be shaken.  Thank You, Lord that day has come so that those who believe in a one world order and have attempted to overthrow America has come to an end.  We give You glory, honor and praise for what is being done now and throughout the days ahead.  Prepare us, Father, your Army You have gathered together to be a team of Prayer Warriors to search & rescue those who are searching to be released from the darkness.  Give us courage and strength to use our voice, our talents to proclaim the Truth of the Good News here in America and where ever the hearts of man are open to hear and accept.  Thank You, Father that we are blessed to receive Your Divine Favor now and into the future!

Father we seek special protection and guidance for our military and law enforcement and all those who serve to protect us from the enemy within and around us.  But especially now as those who are responsible for the chaos and unrest they have cause in our America that they either repent and offer restitution or face the consequences imposed by True Justice.  We look to You, Father to fulfill what You have given to our prophetic voices to proclaim Your Agenda during these days and into the future.  So Lord, we are here to intercede for all who lead us and are willing to withstand the onslaught and disrespect of those who will not adapt and change into righteousness, so that these brave persons will make good their commitment to follow Your Will in making America the Shining Light!

We pray also for Israel and the Peace of Jerusalem and all that  Prime Minister Netanyahu and those who govern with him may bring about a move of the Holy Spirit  to the sacred land of Yours.

Lord we intercede with this caravan situation on our southern border, may it quickly be dissolved and Justice prevail.  Lord and any other areas in our land that need first of spiritual  awakening that our  intercession will bring this to life now!

We pray in the Name of Yeshua! Amen!

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