Jul 9, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We place ourselves in Your Hands.  Keep us protected from any attacks of the enemy during our sacred time with You!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble all of his frequencies so that he has no idea of the plans You have for us!  Lord, we are here before You with repentant hearts so that no sin, rebellion or iniquity stands in the way of bringing before You that which we pray and that our worship of You is truly in spirit and truth.

Father, in this time we bring to You all glory, honor and praise and thanksgiving remembering all that You have done for us and are now doing here in America and in our own personal lives, the lives of our families and all those we hold dear and cherish because all are Gifts of You Love to us.  We thank You, Lord for all those You have anointed to lead us in this hour from President Trump and all who are aligned with him to those very ones around us in our neighborhoods who are truly seeking Your Will in our lives!  Lord, unite us in spirit and make us so aware of the authority You have given us in Your Son, Yeshuah our Savior and Lord!

Lord God, using that authority we proclaim over America that the Hammer of Justice will fall on all those who deceitfully and selfishly brought such an abomination of all the filth of sex trafficking and all forms of perversion into our land making a mockery of Freedom and Liberty that we were granted when we were established as a free nation!

Lord we speak out against all the falsehoods that have been indoctrinated into our youth by teachers, professors and others in education that these thrones of iniquity be cast down and that there arise a new breed of teachers and educators who will align themselves with the Scriptures and the example and teaching of Yeshuah.  Lord that this nation’s youth be raised according to Your Word and hunger for Truth and a deep awareness of Your Presence in our nation and that we will truly know the depth, the width and the magnitude of Your Love for us!

Father, as more and more of the darkness and the iniquity and rebellion in the land is revealed that we will stand by Faith to support and honor those who are truly making a difference in bringing forth Justice and those who are on the side of evil will be separated and face the consequences of their choices.  That there is no more a place to hide as what has been hidden and lied about will be exposed in the Light so that all will see Your Mighty Power bringing about the downfall of man’s evil intent to control others, especially the innocent and pure of heart. 

That we will see that those who have been selfless and willing to sacrifice will be rewarded for what they have done for us!  So that our nation will be a shining Light as You have destined us to be so that others will have their nations free and living in the Light of the Kingdom!  Lord, through the Holy Spirit a new wine is being poured out and we will see the prophetic words for our time come to pass and we give You all the Glory and Honor. Amen and Alleluia!

Father, show then world that this is not a time of doom and gloom.  That this is not a time for us to hide and be afraid of the wrath to come.  We are here for such a time as this to continue to battle for the Kingdom of God to reign.  We are not here to await the rapture or any other foolish diversion, we are here as Warriors to continue to live in Faith spreading and giving love to one another and the widow and the orphan.  

We are here to take back what has been stolen and to prepare ourselves as a spotless bride for the day Your Son will return in glory as King of kings and Lord of Lords but until that day we will be Your faithful servants passing on that precious gift You have given us to the generations that will follow! We are not here to figure out when but to be doing Your Will now as it is in heaven.

Father, we know we can do all things in Christ Jesus Your Son.  We will not run and hide from the enemy but will run to the battle with confidence that Victory is ours as You have promise!

Father we ask for special protection for all of the Strike Force of Prayer warriors and their loved ones that we will continue to grow in our reaching out for our nation and the nations of the world through our prayers and actions You have prompted us to take like our home congregations, our calls of prayer in all of its forms and the instructions that You have prompted  us to show from our Hebraic roots to our becoming more aware of the prophetic insights You give us through Mark Taylor and all those who are aligned to hear Your Word in our ranks.  Lord we are just a small part of Your plan but we are more than willing to fulfill and be used as Your see fit.   Thank You Lord, for choosing us and those who are aligned with us to be one in the spirit and one in the Lord!  Amen!

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