Feb 11, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come to you with humble contrite hearts to use this time as time of repentance for our foolish choices!  Father, we ask that You place Your Buckler and Shield around us as we armor up to battle the enemy and all of his schemes, plots and ploys.  Let Your Holy Angels interfere with his radar to protect us and let our prayers be a scramble that the enemy does not comprehend as he listens.  What we say is for Your Ears only Father for we are Your children placing ourselves in Your Hand and as the prophet Isaiah heard long ago when You spoke: “Who shall I send?” we say with him send us!

Father, this day we are here to bring a spirit of repentance for our land of America.  There is much still to be done to fulfill Your prophetic word given to us about America.  We are here Lord to continue to keep what You have started moving forward.  We are grateful that You have given us a President that grows daily in the anointing You have placed on him and we are grateful too that You are raising up righteous men and women who will stand with him to bring about the escape from the captivity and oppression that has been place on us by those who have been treasonous and seditious in their governing us.  Lord we intercede for each of them and their families to be protected from all the attacks of the enemy and that they be given Wisdom to pursue the return of Justice and Rightful Law and order.  Thank You Father!

Father, we repent of having foolishly misunderstood or even lacked the learning of what You have brought to America in the sacrifice of our founding fathers and mothers of this nation.  Forgive us for having accepted the lie of separation of church and state.  As disciple of Yeshuah we are here to walk by Faith and what we are is to be used in every form of our government.  Faith is an integral part of who we are and if serve in any part of government our decisions and actions are also in line with that.  Father we want to return to being fully a nation following Jesus Christ and as our President Trump said so forcefully we are not a nation of socialism.  Lord that his strong words be heard as our cry to make us  a Kingdom nation now and into our future!

Father we repent of having been accepting of being politically correct or any other form of lies that make us scared to say what we mean and mean what we say.  We are here to stand for the Truth and to be a voice for the truth!  Give us boldness and courage to speak when we have the opportunity to say it.  We stand for Justice and Truth and we are not afraid to stand against the those who speak lies and deceit.  Lord reveal more of the Truth and draw back the curtain to show the true character of each of us as we build ourselves on the Rock, our Lord and Savior, Yeshuah!

Father we repent of running from our opportunities to speak up at meetings or gatherings to defend the Truth and to voice an opinion opposite of those who promote immorality and any kind of degrading and abusive actions!  Lord we want to raise up our children in accord with Your Word and to be examples for them of how important Faith in our actions is for our nation and our living in peace and harmony with one another.  Lord we seek protection for those who teach our youth according to the rightful principles of life.  Give those who are righteous in their teaching strength to endure the pressure of those who are out to destroy and mislead us,  Raise up even more who will teach Your ways and be willing to stand against those who try to silence them.  Our children are a gift from you and so Lord we are mindful to bring about education that will show them true citizenship in America and that we are one nation under God with liberty and justice for all!

Lord, we are grateful to have a President who truly stand for the Right to life and speaks of protecting the unborn.  His words are not just words but hold authority to stop the insanity that is happening in states who have no moral and righteous leaders.  Lord may we soon see the tsunami of change that will happen in the days ahead so this abomination will be stopped and the food for Baal will dry up and all those involved with wither and die from such horrid practices.  Yes, Lord, give them the opportunity to repent but if they will not then suffer the consequences of such choices!

Lord, we repent of any lack of respect and proper honor due our President and those with him in one accord and also for our military and law enforcement and all who serve to protect and save us in any time of need!  Lord we are grateful for the men and women who are willing to make the sacrifice to run into the face of harm and battle the evil that pervades in any area of America or where they are called to serve.  Bless and protect them and may they know in their hearts that they are loving their fellow man and serving You, the Living and True God!

Lord, as we continue in this day of repentance may we also see the miracles that You bestow on us for the loyalty and love we have for You! We know You hear us and will answer every heartfelt prayer because we make them in the name of Yeshua, Your Son and our Redeemer in the unity of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit! Amen!

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